Trevor Wallace is a stand up comedian and actor who specializes in making fun of the people closest to him. Here you'll find a mix of sketches, stand up comedy, a podcast and more relatable STUFF.

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  1. insert name here

    Did he just say arbys😬

  2. MrBorn2rhyme

    Damn what a plot twist. I thought it was gonna be the dad but damn was I wrong 🤣🤣

  3. Colfax the Grim

    I would rather drink the blood, tears, and piss of an Ebola patient then drink a Diet Coke.

  4. Nose Nose2

    At least hes off of drugs:)

  5. Sean Reynolds

    when the video is longer than one minute

  6. ShayDale

    She did a good job- the actress playing his ex.

  7. Mohammad Ti

    jesus this was fu**ing genius! It was like a Christopher Nolan movie.

  8. Bernie Rivera

    2:55 boys know this one💀

  9. Minty

    "I'm not. I'm not gonna shake your hand." Lol

  10. Allagí

    I think what people are missing here is that he is making fun of ex-addicts who drink an obscene amount of pop/soda. Could be Diet Coke, personally all the ex-addicts I know are huge into Mountain Dew.

  11. Aiden Truschka

    Wait ww4

  12. Sadtiric

    Can't tell if this is fact or cap..

  13. White

    1:43 flexing in the window lmfao

  14. Ben Gray

    A Comment For The All-Powerful Algorithm 🙏

  15. [Anarchx] Scrimz

    But fr tho u mad sus if u dont get that baja 😤

  16. Brendo McCormack

    yesterday really felt like a day ago

  17. Ryan DeLuna

    Sprinkles are just croutons for ice cream

  18. Naman Patwari

    Have you ever put fast food on a seat warmer? It's like fine dining.

  19. zygorg 1

    Good to see the fact and cap guys

  20. LVTW ]

    Lol I love that the vape wasn't wut the problem was

  21. Lil Comedown

    1:47 looks kinda like Micheals house on GTAV

  22. Tyler XPLRS

    Sprinkles are just croutons for ice cream.

  23. Idk At This Point

    1:43 idk if you ever watched avengers infinity or endgame but you look like a stunt double for Bucky (winter solider)

  24. Sulthan Alam


  25. Cooper Diaz

    ayo this shit sound like gamestop

  26. B T

    Laughs in 85° Celsius

  27. Tyler's Video Production

    Homie driving through the gta map

  28. Roman_Zeus

    Sprinkles are just croutons for ice-cream

  29. Emmanuel Barrera

    When I heard blader I quickly thought about beyblade

  30. joseph2ne

    Yep when I’m explaining something in class...

  31. Chroma

    my names gavin wtf

  32. Lydon Keith


  33. Zeke

    fAcT oR cAp WhErE We TeSt TikTOk TrEnNdssS *Insert silly face*

  34. the one

    sprinkles are just croutons for ice cream

  35. Dark

    Boy this aged well

  36. Nick


  37. James Lloyd

    Welcome to HUfast fact or cap😂

  38. Nate Reighard

    Dude I love Michael so much lmao

  39. Wilmar Gilkoz

    I'ma set this video as my alarm

  40. Caleb Engel

    Everyone in NC rn

  41. Madison Lindsey

    Hear me out...doesn’t he look like Pete from Private practice in the thumbnail.

  42. Alexis Autry

    The Uturn thing is so true...👀

  43. Rainbow Paw

    So true

  44. RMN_Derp

    i saw the bus and I knew it was Party Shirt

  45. Jay Torres

    But we’re saving the planet 😂

  46. Kabir Usman


  47. Doni -PG3D


  48. No Name

    Thank god my AirPod Pro has noise-cancelling features so that I don’t hear my bank account crying on my broke ass..

  49. Mad Max 7901

    Biden has brain damage and trump lets says he’s like Albert Einstein😁😅🤣

  50. Frieza

    My boy really sayed trippie whats good fam?


    Dear God it’s wild Democrat

  52. Squanchy Getttin

    Please god dont film in portrait, this shit gives me a massive headache

  53. Rmageddon PG3D

    Everybody gangsta until till the ChikFilA kid shows up

  54. Jude Lindley

    seth is my brother

  55. møøn subliminals

    In conclusion *were all bongs*

  56. Bernie Burke

    I love that all these dudes help each other out with videos and characters no one else could play so effortlessly . Team work make the dream work babyyy

  57. You’ve been Mungaid

    I work with the Kyle this is inaccurate 😛🤣

  58. Black fire

    What are the odds after watching this video I get a Bitcoin ad

  59. CallmeFryer

    Going private on instagram soon!!!

  60. CallmeFryer

    Fact or cap

  61. Benjamin Sprayberry

    0:20 me when my upstairs neighbors won’t stop making noise

  62. Peyton byrd

    I drank Fiji water during this no joke

  63. cornhoolio

    0:33 me when I see kids in the street

  64. fireofdestruction77

    tell me your a California democrat without telling me your a California democrat @1:29

  65. Flawless

    Everyone knows who that kid is dont lie lol

  66. FlameEZ Bert

    Next time I get that ima do that lol

  67. C Shea

    Man I love Joo swirl

  68. Chemix

    Was that party shirt

  69. *D A T T E B A Y O*

    He could be a father and a mother figure at the exact same time

  70. Caroline Gronowski

    top tier comedy

  71. Eric Shelsta

    he tries coke zero

  72. StrifeSynth

    Middle school girl: YoU HaVe An AnDrOiD? hAhA PoOr!! Me: at least my battery lasts longer than your relationships

  73. alexey sweeney

    Anyone gonna talk about party shirt ?

  74. Jalen Brisson

    my mom always taught me thats how you wear a beanie wait what

  75. ً

    a hype house for tits? does anyone have the location? asking for a friend...

  76. FaceNotFound

    "Making out with your Dog" Amazing! 😂😂

  77. the baby inhaler

    This was posted on my birthday, COOL!

  78. Mountain Summiter

    Its the rhymes for me

  79. Marvin

    You're not tricking us, Hugh is from chicago

  80. Your Uncle

    Don't do drugs kids