Banging Both Brothers? | Stiff Socks Podcast Ep. 119

Trevor Wallace

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    The boys get a little willld on this one. They discuss the Ho Depot, vitamin coochie deficiency, and how The Floor General may or may not have sex'ed a headboard off the wall. They also find out if they can get hard in a plane crash. What rhymes with compliance? SCIENCE!
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    1. beasty 28

      10:26 : FACTS

    2. Noah Göpfert

      This like watching 2 funny dudes on coke who got adhd

    3. Valiant Cheez


    4. Malachi Hill

      Whitest line ever: I DON'T SEE COLOR!!!

    5. Fungi

      What night is best for the Okc??

    6. Austin C

      Whitest lines: “there he is!” “Here come’s trouble!”

    7. Francisco Reyes

      anyone know how i can submit something for secret sock?

    8. Joseph Bosse

      You are F#ckn Hilarious 😂..when you coming to San Antonio..and how do I purchase front row tickets?

    9. Rage Asylum

      what BB episode are they talking about? lol

    10. Jack Trainer

      Trevor get a new person on show. That guy is fuking cringe

    11. anthony wyndham

      How the fuck did you not know what scurvy was?....

    12. B S

      Girl in the thumbnail is Athena Faris. Enjoy your research

      1. master chief

        Lol nah bruh

      2. Andre Pinto

        Hell nah bro that’s not

    13. Brady

      a loom makes fabrics

    14. Brady

      bro I'm listening, an i thought at the start of the sponsor he said "skin condoms"

    15. noble

      the random singing tho😊... its GOO GOO GOOOOOD 🎶

    16. Jacob Prater

      Where do i find the.... episode... bang....bu..

    17. Tx_Gaming _

      Damn I hate the fact that I live in Texas I LIVE IN HOUSTON and I would go but I’m under the age god damn it

    18. Teddy W Gardner

      these dudes rlly got me with the stupid ass thumbnail

    19. Steve

      I've been waiting all episode for the "title" what the heck... who knew it would be during sock talk.! Wtf

    20. Red&Bull

      Std 😂😂😂 its from not having enough vit c 🤣🤣

    21. Brayden Garr

      How many titles does this episode have?? Can we get an official count?

    22. Payne Kaufmann

      get an Audi s4 michael

    23. Ravens Claw

      This is unwatchable.....tone down the deuche level a bit.

    24. Justin Grago

      I love y’all but.. “scurvy is sexually transmitted” and “I thought you just caught it from the sea breeze” had me seriously questioning your intelligence lmaoooo

      1. keengKai

        Their knowledge, maybe.

      2. Letsgooo


      3. Carmen Barr

        scurvy is when you don't consume enough vitamin c right?

    25. Daniel Vargas

      Trevor please come to denver I watch all the podcasts and all ur skits and it would be fucking sick to see you irl

    26. C0ma_T0astッ

      whitest statement. "can I get extra mayo on that,"

    27. Niroj Khadka

      He's got the lifetime membership of bang bros, dude that's crazy ..

    28. Horror_fan

      whitest phrase: Honey can you pass me the sunscreen? it’s in the fanny pack.

    29. Lucas Robertson

      Fun fact, there’s a pretty funny story behind the “Hawaii hand sign” (🤙). The truthfulness of the story is debated, but apparently when sellers came to Hawaii, someone on the ship waved to the natives that he saw. He allegedly was missing his three middle fingers, and the rest is history.

    30. Ben Esmonde

      Damn Trev's shirt is cool

    31. Francisco Antonio

      Ha ha ha!? Is it!? You ruined my life!! 😂

    32. Justin

      Boys, get some shinesty ball hammock underwear. Girls don’t laugh. Plus they hold your balls and that makes your package look bigger.

    33. Jade Sloth

      turn up

    34. hugo diaz

      I honestly learn so much from you guys no cap

    35. Yzx Qzx

      Scurvy is from lemon pie ingestion

    36. Chris Leyva

      Whos the girl in the thumbnail I could give 2 shits about the video 🖕

    37. Lee M

      Michael's outfit is horrid today.

    38. Chris

      Who's the chick in the thumbnail?

    39. Saleh Cheema


    40. LevyLandTV

      Dude Hawaii and Alaska are both in squares that just randomly float around the US.

    41. aiden pentz

      My favorite thing is that they take all of the stuff off the table during sponsors, so when I see the stuff back on the table, I know when to stop skipping

      1. Mason Mikeska


    42. Jon Novak


    43. Iso Wetodid

      just quit this is cancer. How you talk so much about nothing. And y'all should have stayed in school stupid af

    44. black raven

      Loving Trevor's outfit. Man always suits with everything

      1. Payne Kaufmann

        always got drip

    45. Ejaz Husseini

      Who's the girl on the thumbnail?

    46. tdkj

      I just see the characters he plays in his videos

    47. yes anime

      Funny thing Hawaiians pronouns Hawaii havvaii

    48. hxrsh

      Who's the girl in the thumbnail?

    49. Captain Senpai

      Thumbnail girl..?!🚨 Sauce please

      1. TheOne !

        I think tru kait but i'm not sure

    50. THE FOOTYKID03

      Nah bro u were definitely getting honey potted at that dealership

    51. Monky Dollqueen

      If people are trying to bring you down, it only means you are above them.

    52. Z Fletch

      What are the odds you guys are coming to Spokane lol! Crack head capital of the west. I'll be there

      1. Ps5 Ps5

        @Lotan or did he are you spelling it right?

      2. Lotan

        You misspelled Tacoma

    53. Magic Man

      Stiff Socks on my birthday? Lets Go!!!

    54. ellstacker adventures


    55. Jordan McAlister


    56. Cesar Laughs

      Pee Pee

    57. Sweet Pea

      I’m just pissy I’ll never have a chance to get Jerry beads dammit whole life tho like one day n nope 🤦‍♀️fail

    58. Dr JiBIhiBdy

      Free weed mans in uk it illegal 😅

    59. Tucker Waldrip

      The title makes me think of when I made up BP'd(Brother Penetrated) instead of DP'd when I lived in AZ in 2013 and some chick got THREE-P'd at our house, hahahahaha

    60. Zac Fouquerel-Skoe

      I think Michel meant syphilis not scurvy

    61. D0YSLER

      1:16:00 i haven't laughed like that in so long, thanks 2 fine

    62. Dalton Jones

      Stiff socks and the terrible co host is making me unsubscribe from your channel

      1. Peyton Thompson

        Imagine thinking that matters.

      2. Trever Farted

        Nobody will miss you, Dalton.

    63. Dalton Jones

      Trevor should do something else

    64. Dalton Jones

      The co host is bad

    65. Sweet Pea


    66. XJlover

      "who do you think you are" and "you think you're better than me?" Are some of the whitest lines for me

    67. Deen Destruction


      1. Deen Destruction


    68. Exotic Mako

      Bro i am crying

    69. casey clegg

      Coming to phx on the hottest time ever. Your manager must hate y’all

    70. Cyrus The Sage

      I just wanna know who the girl is in the thumbnail tbh

      1. Thamindu kavinda

        Same here

      2. Jose Zermeno

        Camila Cortez Your welcome

      3. LevyLandTV

        @Marco Hartkopf out here doin' the Lord's work.

      4. TheOne !

        Give Tru Kait. I think she is it but not sure

    71. fazal ihtisham

      Who's the girl in the thumbnail?

      1. ?

        @DimBulb what kind?, we got BBQ, Ketchup, mustard, that weird German one that starts with a "W", and uhhhhh shi I think that's all. Oh wait soy sauce aswell we got that

      2. DimBulb

        @? Sauce please

      3. ?

        Boi go on ph

    72. Quinn Southall

      Wtf is this 😂

    73. Declan Ryle

      what bang bus episode they talking about?

      1. ?

        @Choose2Connect it's the guy that's in the bangbus somtimes

      2. Choose2Connect

        @Francisco Reyes who is that?

      3. Francisco Reyes

        It's a couple episodes back, you'll find it, it has Peter Green in it

    74. Chill - Vibez

      *anybody got that sauce for the thumbnail*

      1. Nose Nose2

        We need it

      2. Ballin on a Budget

        We want the sauce

      3. Saleh Cheema


    75. Madison Gurica


    76. LittleRainGames

      Where is the girl in the thumb?

    77. C B

      Go gurt you a job

    78. TheBirdman6969

      Fuck I can't wait for this show in Omaha! Let's fucking go!!!! ✌️💜😊

    79. Cap’n Salt

      2fine really just passed up the best opportunity possible to use his high pitched kid voice

    80. McCarthy MMA

      The only dislikes are virgins

      1. Rohan Anand

        Magnum Dana White

    81. Christy Cadrain

      I’ve seen those same mics used where they look upside down, but they’re out of way and no constant adjustment. Not being an ass or anything...promise

    82. Peter Quil

      Yo Beavis and Butthead, your videos are too fkn long fr Probably get more views if they were in 20 min segments and you post them throughout the day gay bois 🤦🏻‍♂️😎🤙🏻

      1. ?

        Idk if your just the 3rd musketeer of idiots but shiii your funny man

      2. ?


    83. Obeyy Chencho

      39 th

    84. AB

      How do I get on this show

    85. chase coleman

      Who is thumb Neil

    86. Rad Man Rad

      Hi daddy

    87. samu villarreal

      imagine if they pin this

    88. Rylan Taylor

      "Welcome back to Stiff MothEr EfiNg SOCKS!!"

    89. Trippyjxck


    90. Mehrad

      Hey Trev I killed my wife

    91. Erik

      Why no chicago?

    92. Xanx-CODM

      Trevor looks like DaBaby

      1. mono fiction 我

        lesss gooooo

    93. Jace


    94. Moctezuma Vargas

      Turtle,.., , ,.,.,. ..

    95. Thomaside

      I can't believe it's been out for 3 minutes and it already has 200 reviews

    96. Trevor Wallace

      STARTING NEXT WEEK, we'll be uploading the full videos to it's own channel: go sub now!

    97. titan OP


    98. Overwhelmed With Sadness

      No comments?

    99. PaulChro

      Surprisingly few comments for a video that uploaded 5 seconds ago