Bowflex the Vulva | Stiff Socks Podcast Ep. 117

Trevor Wallace

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    Twall and 2fine get real science-y in this one. They discuss hot rave ladies, strippers 11am shift, saying thank you after a bangin. They also riff on how bottle service dudes get zero v@gina. *clears throat* SCIENCE.
    GUYS: starting May 5th, we will be switching over to @Stiff Socks Podcast to post the full episodes.
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    Spokane, WA: August 19-22
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    Blau's tour dates:
    May 4th, Nashville, TN.
    May 5th, Huntsville, AL.
    May 12th, Houston, TX.
    May 13th. Dallas
    June 18-20th. Washington DC.
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    1. Trevor Wallace

      *ANNOUNCEMENT* we are moving the full episodes off my page, and on to:

      1. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

        @trevorwallace I'll look at it and touch it hahaha

      2. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

        I know I'm that annoying #1fan that bugs tf out of you with my constant Love remarks only try me before u deny me lol 🤣

      3. Matty Elemental Sound LA

        I wanna go to HArd summer just to hopefully party w Trev n 2fine... wouod be super dope

      4. Matty Elemental Sound LA

        Dj Crap your pants!!!!! Yes!!!

      5. Jade Sloth

        @Trevor Wallace hello trev

    2. Samantha Frakes

      As SOOn as TWall said "Idaho is by Chicago" I googled a US map fast as fuck I...dumb? LMAO Love you Trev but let's keep geography out of your set for tour this year :P (can't wait to see you btw :) )

    3. chri7801 chri7801

      Let's go Michael fucks with dive to survive

    4. frostyfry

      I love wrestler mania I watch it all the time

    5. chris kay

      The wood they use is just softer wood

    6. Focus_Meikuari

      God, them not knowing about Formula One hurts coming from being raised in a German car shop

    7. Sabith Ahmed

      Blau actually looks like he could play Spider-Man

    8. ItzYaBoi_Mr.DumpsterFire

      Anyone know if there's an age limit for Trev's shows?

    9. Pablo Lloyd

      they're spot on with the disingenuity on linkedin

    10. Pablo Lloyd

      this is the first podcast i've seen and i LOVE these guys. finally it feels like someone agrees with me on basic shit

    11. Pablo Lloyd

      trevor is a wise man

    12. Nathan Bellinger

      Best hibachi grill in Glendale called Mori’s. It’s the best and service wise all the way to the cooks and the decor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, I’m from Burbank myself!

    13. PoopinRuben 69

      I accidentally shat my pants on my first day back to in person school because I accidentally took laxatives

    14. Design with Phoenix

      29:19 the netflix show is called Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandals is what Trevor is talking about.

    15. Matteo593

      Trevor mixed up Idaho and Iowa, he said Idaho borders Chicago

    16. ImFknGlocKuHo

      Was that nina Kay in the thumbnail ?

    17. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I paid for the $25 membership 2 times now to show my support love u only&care4uall

    18. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Poor Bla maybe her handler caught her :(

    19. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I like the kiss and thank u and wooooow hehe

    20. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I'll do it lol I'll Do it 🤣 whatever chair u want

    21. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      You guys are killing me omG i Miss peanutbutter so bad try bananas with peanutbutter, chocolate, carmel(ice cream syrups)&pink Himalayan salt omG. Cheat day fav b4 allergies.

    22. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I love Banana&Pina colada 😥

    23. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      You're a gas station🤣

    24. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Honey moon season in the bang bus 🤣

    25. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Y'all remember white cherry glaciers shark popsicles??????

    26. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      You're so cute and i wanna hug your girl 2she's awesome

    27. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I don't need a joint account just buy food for me2cook haha

    28. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      No tap out lol tap me in papi @trevorwallace

    29. Hannah Frazier

      Ya bruh just yeeted

      1. Hannah Frazier

        Jis* yeeted

    30. NcGy25 Streams

      Lost my shit when he said " at that height you are staring down the barrel"

    31. The Patriot

      Bro my grandparents live in liberty township

    32. Matty Elemental Sound LA

      Tall athletic successful huge dong are you kidding me.... Lucky

    33. Joe


    34. WaidsWorld

      Guy makes fun of people and he’s wearing the strong gay pants

    35. WaidsWorld

      I fortunately have seen Trevor and glad I found out he’s not funny live

    36. Def Ence

      Thank you editing guus for the cut at 50:22 🙏🏻😂 listen here 2fine don't go there dude, just don't

    37. Def Ence

      Stiff Socks own youtube chanel? Fucking finally!

    38. Daniel Cuellar

      I laughed more than I should have when Trevor said “I feel pretty good, I feel pretty hydrated, what’s that Liquid IV” and then 2Fine turned and said “Give it to me” 😂

      1. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

        Should be topcock&2fine haha

    39. O'pīnyīn

      Did anyone notice Trevor's sweater matches Michael's pants?

    40. Matthew Rosa

      Who writes the titles? Cause they trifling for not using most of the things that these two legends say

    41. OwnD1

      Why is Trevor’s co-host so damn annoying to listen to

      1. lich husbandry


    42. Allison Mavis

      Looks like I’m driving to Iowa!! Michael do shows closer to minnesota!! Lol

    43. Valiant Cheez

      It.... it's Pontius Pilate not Punchus Pilate lmfao

    44. WG2Freestyle

      Stiff sock merch?

    45. G Julian Cantu

      Already Bought tickets for san Antonio

    46. Cap’n Salt

      Color coordinated episode

    47. Tiana Vex

      so umm whats happened to the spotify version

    48. Cee Rae

      Idk if anyone said this.. but Leggs Benedict COULD work as a brunch babe stripper name.

    49. Matthew Rosa

      That shits funny cause last episode I was wondering if his girl would say anything or if she ever does lol

    50. LuX Rusty

      wow i’m from spokane washington

    51. Jay Fresh

      I came from Spotify to say holy shit they don’t know geography. Idaho by Chicago?! Since when?!

    52. Sam Beaver

      @Michael, Drive to survive missed most of the important stuff for the 2020 season but the first two seasons are great

    53. Hunter Schippers

      "how many have you watched?" "All of them" 🤣

    54. Rylee Chapman

      This podcast is the best 🤚🏻

    55. markell jackson

      Keep the show going this one of the funniest podcast

    56. Lossless

      Formula 1 is awesome

    57. Gabriel C

      Is that nina kayy in the thumbnail?

    58. Aaron Potts

      I love this podcast but I swear almost everything that leaves Michaels mouth is just garbage.

    59. Shox

      I was edging once and i did that on accident and it freaked me out lmfao. and then i was able to go for another 30 minutes before i even had to try to edge again. I just went full jerk for 30 minutes

    60. LevyLandTV

      Can't wait to catch ya'll in Omaha NE!

    61. Matt Higgs

      My god why was that last ad nearly FOUR MINUTES LONG

    62. aiden pentz

      Are we not gonna talk about how he mentioned getting head on a school bus, and then didn’t tell the story!

      1. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

        Wasn't me🤣

    63. Abhijeet Dey

      Nina kay

    64. Lotan

      Twall and 2fine should come to Tel Aviv

    65. Isaiah Johnson

      Y’all make my socks stiff.

    66. TrishaxJordan

      8:21 FEAR

    67. Yzx Qzx

      Druids r rotting :,)

    68. Spartacus

      Who in the thumbnail though? It's for a research paper.

      1. Tony Padilla

        Some one said Nina Kay

    69. Matthew Read

      This is the episode that I learned Michael can’t pronounce words: Pontius Pilate = “punches pilot”, Fanta = “Fonta”, allure = “alore”.... 💀 there was one other one but I can’t remember what it was

      1. Pablo Lloyd

        @Matthew Read lol

      2. Matthew Read

        @Pablo Lloydfrrr “fridgerair”💀

      3. Pablo Lloyd

        and when he tried to say refrigerator!! bruh i died 6:00

    70. TacoArmy

      Copped up on some nu-x 👀 using SOCKS can’t wait till that shi comes in

    71. Handstandman Stan

      U ever put vodka or rum in a Pina colada 711 slurpie? You're welcome

    72. Xx Cannon15 xX

      Idaho is next to Washington right?

    73. Carter

      Carter - AMG feat. Fishmilo OUT NOW‼️

    74. John Frank

      People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing....BE WISE

      1. Simon Gerber

        @Pat T.Kakes I know right? So much effort, I hope they bait zero people

      2. Pat T.Kakes

        @Simon Gerber I mean wtf!? Just an endless amount of alt accounts to just respond to each other!?🤣

      3. Hydro Homie

        @Simon Gerber you dont say

      4. Simon Gerber

        to those who can't figure this out, this is a scam

      5. Mathew dior

        I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks MrJames mathew🇱🇷

    75. Gus Krumpus

      Bus - I - ness

    76. Black Venom

      I love how Trevor circles MO and KS🤣🥵

    77. Calvin Salcedo

      at this point you have no idea how badly i want to meet both of these dudes

    78. Bryzelo

      Congrats on 2 million Trevor!

    79. J C

      I just wanna know the girl is in the thumbnail 😭

      1. Wade Travers

        Nina Kay

    80. Shawty Official

      How many likes can I get?

    81. Anders H

      Trevor of all places in Washington you go to Spokane

    82. Ruben Carrillo Moreno


    83. Francisco Antonio

      Blausteins a snitch 🤦

    84. caylee d smith

      That's Trevors color! Fire threads

    85. aFlair

      HEB Honey Roasted Peanut Butter from the machine you have to do yourself is the best peanut butter. Next to smucker’s pb&j

    86. Yanke Sewt

      ok but the color scheme of their clothes tho

      1. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

        It's cute they are bffs and match

      2. D Yor

        yo gold

    87. Zale Becerra

      Got damn!!

    88. Gabriel the god Plays

      “ Evolved wrestling” on the good old site

      1. jacob cohen

        Or just "Evolved Fights"

    89. Nick L

      This may be the second time ever that when they say title, it actually is the title

    90. GravityMonkey

      I feel like I’ve heard this fridge conversation before

    91. Kooler J.r

      By the way the 1980s to 2006 was actual wrestling they actually did hit each other just by the way if no one understood what I was talking about it’s about WWF/WWE

    92. Sweet Pea

      😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 don’t run it on fb run it on Craigslist lmao

    93. Sweet Pea

      We still get to make our own slurpees and you must layed cherry and blue raspberry ooor if you lucky they have Mountain Dew slurpees n if u use the cherry with it it’s like code red


      “That’s not you,last week you were sniffing ketamine off a Timberland boot on St. Paddy’s Day.......”☠️

    95. Ash Trismegistus

      Bro tantric sex is amazing.... I’ve been doing it for over a year... and it’s awesome. If I don’t want a girl pregnant she won’t be

    96. Deen Destruction


    97. Rob Garcia

      Thumbnail girl?

    98. Trvr Shoe

      im half way through the pod and trevor still hasnt finished the slushie story lmao

    99. Sweet Pea

      👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂yaaaaas a was so juiced to see y’all in my subs feed