coochie is dude melatonin | Stiff Socks Podcast Ep. 115

Trevor Wallace

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    The scientists are at it again. They riff on Trev’s weird dog birthday show, the politics of jerking off into a condom, and how jellyfish have vaginas. They also chat about a good ole raw unadulterated cooter flash. We are science and science is us.
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    1. Captasin

      Requesting and @ on that jacket

    2. funky retard

      fbois during nonutnovmber could be good

    3. Herzya


    4. Jordan Maddrell

      Y'all some wild ass bois

    5. Marcellus Little


    6. Andrew Falk

      Got damn

    7. Joseph Vernon

      i been here since ep 19

    8. The Vegan Viking !!!!

      Condoms what are those?

    9. Hanna Blair

      Please come to Columbus Ohio

    10. Jimmy Jones

      Best podcast ever lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. Jimmy Jones

      I love this podcast 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    12. RocketNinja

      Day 1 of asking Trevor to do, “People who claim that they were born in the wrong generation”

      1. RocketNinja

        @Gamer Man yes

      2. Gamer Man


    13. Dylan Lemas

      We need a cam for gabe

    14. Lloyd Bailey

      This boy Michael didn’t know how to use a condom! Scary stuff to recently been taught 😂

    15. TORPEDOZ77


    16. R Bee

      Guy wears Air Pods at show. Michael *complains in poor*

    17. Rippler OG

      GG FOR 2 MIL Ayyyy😄😃

    18. Christian Corse

      gratz on the 2m

    19. Joseph Liu

      Do a video with people who have slatt in their bio

    20. Liam Foskett

      Aww they had to cut a michael thing for the condom commercial. Wonder what he said

    21. Evan Karate

      2 mill

    22. Gunther Hobbs

      Can you pls do plays monopoly once

    23. XXspaceman23XX

      congrats on 2 mil

    24. Horror_fan

      when someone’s singing bad in the car you hit em with the “hey who sings this sing?” then they answer, and you say “then let them sing it”

      1. Michael Don

        Thanks dad that’s a classic

      2. Sweaty Sack

        i normally say “i do bitch” and then they say then “keep it that waaaittt!” lmao

      3. Eric Ocasio

        Nice, I forgot that one

    25. TypicallyMax


    26. Total Kombat

      Congrats on 2 mil my man

    27. Amadman

      Ayyyy you hit 2 mil!!!!!... you damn bitch wait what 2 mil wow

    28. Firefighter 1000000

      Next that one guy who served in the National Guard

    29. Tony Patrón

      Imagine if Kobe the dog watched this


      Congrats on two million

    31. Jsper FN

      2 million let’s go congrats

    32. Rosspeter123

      The British American Idol lol

    33. Jesse Wanderss

      Title alone made me laugh

    34. Abhijit Chandra

      2 Million Coming Soon

    35. Evan A X

      Here before 2 mill subs

    36. stud muffin

      I was the 2 millionth subscriber

    37. Mikal Nunley

      48:40 I'm glad I'm not alone. Tie it off and flush it down 💯

    38. Steve

      No birthday for dogs!

    39. Luve.


    40. Spencer

      It WAS the title! 👀

    41. Uncle Rico

      Micheal is looking like Elvis with that hair style😂

    42. frankymacf

      Whacking off in a condom is known as a ‘posh wank’. Classic move.

    43. Alpha_SneeaX

      Ur quite close to 2mil subs. 😀good luck

    44. Mustang’s Closet

      “hi im John I have aids” - best quote ever

    45. AON Matt

      Professional bowling is like golf, it's silent for a minute, then the ball hits the pins and people lose it

    46. Justin

      I love the longer episodes

    47. Wayne M

      I really want to like this Podcast but i can't, yet.... I'll keep tuning in to support.

    48. Fit Franco

      Stiff stocks needs an in studio audience

    49. Milo Snodgrass

      Bruh I’m 18 and I already got a high hairline, Keeps can’t help with that shit😂

    50. SAYBEAST

      Stiff Socks makes me feel like I'm virtually chilling with the boys

      1. Cooke Wollan

        same bruh

      2. Onyx Solace

        if only :(

    51. conner rook

      You guys are THE SHIT! I love your humor, your cadence and your styles. Love the the show and Trevor, I love that fucking jacket you pull it off ;)

    52. Spartan Industries Inc.

      It was totally a guy lol

    53. ReptileGeeksAren'tFreaks

      Can someone please tell me what kind of dog Greta is

      1. RylanSZN


    54. 002 x KONEKO

      Cleetus mcfarland lmaooooo

    55. Jacob Curtis

      Been out here in Covid since day 1. The pandemic was a scam, still is, always will be.

    56. Elena Barajas

      I wanted to hand Trevor a lint roller the whole time

      1. Elena Barajas

        It’s ok tho

    57. Harry Potter

      So early, it wasn't demonetized!

    58. mr. randøm

      Allmost at 2 million

    59. Lotan

      The comment on fleek today

    60. PL4Y3D OUT

      Realistically you should never lie to your doctor, also they usually know when you're lying.

      1. King White Knight

        Ya especially when your fiendin for a new script

    61. Diamond

      i just listened to this while slaying demons best night of my life

    62. Beatin The Banks Fishing

      2 million in a sec wooop whoop

    63. Jonah Hershorin

      When Trevor said my name at 14:15 I got so hype

    64. Nicole Hoskins

      Trevor: then you walk out in a kilt and yell haza 😂😂

    65. Sweet Pea

      Lamb skin condom? Cuz my home girl allergic to latex and that’s wat she has to buy

      1. jdc1957

        Fact..... They are the Best.

    66. Vincent Perea

      Can you guys PLEASE get Eric Andre on the show I’ve watched every episode of the podcast and would love to see him in here 😁😁

    67. Jesus Gonzalez

      Boys bang bus dropped a vid not our boy tho

    68. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      🤣it can go both ways lol damn auto correct put it can ho both ways

    69. Seddy Derek

      Michael looks uncomfortable in his skin.

      1. MoCo MoCo

        He really doesn’t look comfortable at all

    70. Eug

      my first episode watching and first thing i noticed is how hard michael is trying to be funny while trevor just does shit naturally

      1. TheDragonborn

        yea it seems like they are forcing comedy

    71. Sweet Pea


    72. Shelby Porter

      It's called coerced conception, and it is illegal.

    73. katie

      Disney mascots are lowkey wild my middle school band teacher was goofy at Disney over summers and got arrested for dealing cocaine

      1. Jordan Maddrell


      2. katie

        @jjfjkfjk SKFNDMNFD turns out it was actually meth I was mistaken but apparently yes

      3. jjfjkfjk

        RIP he had a job as a teacher AND had to be Goofy at Disneyland AND deal coke to get by?

      4. jokipp ?


    74. 420 Mania

      You guys look like fucking twins

    75. Seung Han

      Sometimes I wonder how Michael has any friends

    76. Weston Anderson


    77. Weston Anderson

      1:12:48 My neighbors hate me for sure

    78. Howard T. Duck

      Bruuuh you’re about to get 2 million subs congrats in advance!!!!

    79. Weston Anderson

      Why not just nut in the toilet

    80. King Zepeda

      The fact he says “you think these shows get monetized”😂😂

      1. Lotan

        @NPC J HUfast staff are fans 👀

      2. NPC J

        It's more they are amazed they haven't been banned compared to conservative channels.

    81. Cybxr

      My favorite podcast

    82. Cumm Dawg420

      Fun fact: it’s Susan boyles birthday today

      1. HomeButtonGaming

        Then, in honor of her, the bois need to sing their tits off

    83. Colin Bray

      if you don't have any, would either of you guys ever get a tattoo

    84. KEEP CALM

      Hypothetically... if I was the sea and you were like an ice mountain would you let the climate change hits you so you can fall on me?

      1. Christian Hurtado


    85. Triana McNamee


    86. dodgers doon1130

      Definitely always puts me to sleep 😴🙏

    87. Daniel Pardal

      The fact that the title is different on Spotify is funny asf Always saving HUfast monetization I swear 😂 👏 Great show 👏

    88. Mason Stevens

      C O O C H I E

    89. Gawkinator1000

      Early gang

    90. Lindsey Davis

      It's at 204 now

    91. Emerson McDonald

      Im a fan Trevor. But your podcast fucking sucks.

      1. Mason F

        He really fell off. He hasn’t had a funny video in months.

    92. Xanmanplayz

      pog early gang

    93. Xanmanplayz


    94. Jamal

      You Trevor I just subscribed to the podcast. Shot funny af😂

    95. emma

      trev got a haircut. lookin spiffy

    96. Muhammad Jalal

      Love it

    97. Natereeper1


    98. Trever Farted

      I hope you all accept my sincerest apologies for the things I’ve done and said. I’m learning from my mistakes and working to become a better person every single day.. 😪

    99. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

      It’s at 69 likes ☺️

      1. Ghost Hunter4445

        My favorite number if you get my drift😉😉

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      3. Cap’n Salt


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      5. Hayden Lucke

        This comment needs 69 likes.