dads trying to read a restaurant menu

Trevor Wallace

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    my family:
    my dad 0.04 seconds after being seated: IT'S TOO DARK IN HERE. I NEED SUBTITLES. WHAT. DOES. THE. MENU. SAY.
    feat: @Cherdleys | @Slappers Only | @matty chymbor
    filmed by: @KyleBarper
    this is a silly little idea me and Chad aka cherdleys have been sitting on for moooonths and finally did it. so enjoy :) !
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    1. Naught Guap


    2. Elfon Ashelf

      This table is about as stable as my family... drugs 😂😂😂

    3. Ryan Krauss

      We need more of this

    4. 7DSins

      The midwest accent pisses me off idk why

    5. Natasha Tapia

      I love John cena

    6. junior ubico

      Someone call batman cuz its a dark night😂 lmaoo

    7. sandalman

      "Who do you work for?!" Dieded

    8. TR-Luis-PB

      omg like 2 sec before the waiter suggested that with the phojne i thought about that too

    9. airgearmaster123

      "I can read a darn thing on this, is like the 10th grade all over again"

    10. Tyler Look

      37 coors lites ain't enough

    11. aztecshay twitch

      "what size font is this, bitch?"

    12. Ezra Mowery

      "what movie is this? Honey I shrunk the font?" That for sure got me.

    13. Poffz I have no idea

      I had that exact flashlight with the grip and magnetic base, but that metal grille is of terrible quality and breaks on even rusty metal super easy

    14. Pyromancer

      2:35 I am fucking dying dude.

    15. dodgers doon1130


    16. Its Razzerzz

      THIS WAS FKN HALARIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Joshua Johnson

      I love these guys

    18. Silent Nine

      This is funny

    19. happilyeverafter

      "honey I shrunk the font" XD

    20. ForMoney

      The CEO of spirit airlines and Trevor Wallace need to have a cage match at this point

    21. TTG Savage

      What kind of movie is this " honey who shrunk the font"

    22. Pananay

      I just died laughing 😭

    23. jazmer12

      Umm red people have red inside them menu is people

    24. Cat Video

      Its wednesday “AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa”

    25. Shawn kohl

      oh ho ho hahao .. alcoholism right hoh!

    26. Giovanni Piña

      I don’t think my dad is an Alaskan accent but he acts like he could do many puns to me every time when he comes casa

    27. bria harris

      Trevor why were TRYING TO BLIND URSELF 🤣🤣. 2:58

    28. bria harris

      These dad jokes 🤣🤣😂🤣

    29. Lonely_Ghost

      3:22 totally doesn't give me Rick Grimes vibes

    30. Lonely_Ghost


    31. playguy200

      Rip high brightness users☠

    32. FatTonyTV

      Can you imagine seeing this happen for real when you're just trying to eat lol

    33. Hoganator

      I've watched this more times than I care to admit 🤣

    34. Evan Pratt

      2:41 got me dead

    35. xen

      900 com

    36. David Greyson

      I liked that they asked Stevie and his friends to help with the vid

    37. retarded kid

      Honestly everybody in this generation probably heard dad jokes being thrown left and right

    38. ButterknifeSwordsman


    39. terrence bass

      “Honey I shrunk the font”😂😂😂😂

    40. ZappyyZ

      so underrated awesome work keep it up

    41. Giorno Giovanna

      I have never seen another Alaskan whereing a shirt that said Alaska

    42. Boneless Eggs

      Tell you hwat

    43. Rewind

      “Aw sh** someone turn on the subtitles”😂

    44. Justin Machabee

      Sir this is a restaurant not spirit airline

    45. Justin Machabee

      Cherdleys: “I got the perfect situation going on here greg” slappers only: “Is he directing traffic” lmao that part got my dying💀😂

    46. Samuel A

      you need to collab more with stevie

    47. Ellie Love

      "aw alcoholism am I right?" yes

    48. StuckInADayDream0918

      The side commentary from the other restaurant patrons and guy behind the bar is hilarious. A great job as always, thank you! 🙂

    49. amani

      ‘what is this, gosh darn hieroglyphics or something? is this wingdings?’ PLSSS IM CRYING REAL TEARS

    50. Rocky Metcalf

      Trevor Wallace for President of USA 🇺🇸

    51. SewLemony


    52. thehohay

      These dudes are a movie in the making

    53. Noah Martin

      The berneeculars aren’t helping

    54. The JoeyMan Arcade

      What movie is this honey I shrunk the font?

    55. Bug

      We have Midwestern dad and southern dad; where are all the dads of the other regions? Would love to see California dad.

    56. The Uber Successful

      "What movie is this, Honey I Shrunk the font" lmao this is so funny I actually quoted a line for the first time

    57. Mikey F

      where can i buy those shirts, do i have to become a dad first and the other dads show me or?

    58. Luca Casler-Bustamante

      0:27 bladee reference 😳

    59. Valeria Valencia

      The Batman music 😂😂😂

    60. Chris Ratterman


    61. Nicholas Grant

      This is so exaggerated and I love it😂

    62. F4P Master

      , m mgmhmh.,fun.,cmn. Vignettes: v no nmk

    63. Dustin

      Who do you work for? Lmaooo

    64. Potato

      How much light do you need Dad:*yes*

    65. Aravind K S

      How's Trevor not blind yet?

    66. Mr. Salamander

      my dad bought one of those lights last week straight up

    67. Ahmed Abdullah Raiyan

      What's JJ Julius Son from Kaleo doing in your video?

    68. Nich Jantzen

      If you wanna learn something about comedy, Joel Haver has a video about two dads checking into an airbnb that is in the same wheelhouse as this; but is just leagues above it.

    69. Queen Rabia

      Um this might be wHite dads 😅 Brown dads don't be doing this. 😂

    70. Queen Rabia

      "Tell you WHEUT"

    71. JahirIsHere

      “What size font is this bitch?” This one got my ass rolling 💀

    72. Leah Guzman

      I loved this it's so true too!

    73. Calvin Custard

      _Honey I shrunk the FONT!!!_

    74. Gabe Selden

      “What movie is this, Honey I Shrunk the Font?!” That was gold haha

    75. E Z

      2:51 I’m just watching subscriber but am I the only one who thought it would’ve been better if he said “I ain’t CENA damn thing!”

    76. François Pelletier

      “I can’t zoom in” 🤣💀

    77. Alberto Rivero


    78. Zifaa

      Chad sounds like mr krabbs

    79. XCAL 345

      u lucky i dont know how to use YELP ill help

    80. Kilian Hufgard

      not accurate you forgot the constant yelling for a waiter and then be surprised when they come over and then yelling at the waiter

    81. Baked potatoe Gaming

      Who do you work for haaaaaa

    82. SirReginald96

      Tell you hwat I got 4.2 last night... DUI 🤣

    83. N Ybarra

      I have 3 of those light setups... mighty fine menu reading supplies!

    84. kself 94


    85. Neriah Tong

      Cherdleys a1 work

    86. Aiden Hoogstra

      One of your best

    87. JaXnotDeaD

      This is what happens when you forget how to restaurant after the lockdown.

    88. captain knuckles

      bro it’s alex & stevie, that’s badass

    89. ZombiePanda88

      “What movie is this?! Honey I Shrunk the Font?!” Lol

    90. anjikanjik

      i keep seeing noom advertising with people having their minds blown about the fact that they lost weight by *gasp* putting some efforts. please do a video and make fun of their success and the righteous bragging right.

    91. TheCriminalViolin

      Goddamn you guys absolutely NAILED this one. Too freaking hilarious.

    92. Jason Chad

      This is over the top

    93. What’s a meme. Bob


    94. Juls Xd

      Istg thia is the best duo on yt

    95. Colby Flowers

      “Got any viagra these words need to grow some” what the fuck haha

    96. primrose everbean

      I thought that my dad was cool until I saw this LMAO

    97. Double D Entertainment

      I feel like I've seen someone freak out in a restaurant like this 🤣🤣🤣

    98. Johnny Dominguez

      This Chanel always makes me feel better no matter what. Thank you for your hard work.

    99. Skyhunter

      A crossover of my 3 favorite youtube channels? Hwat??!?!?

    100. Morgan

      Hey man, sometimes you gotta fly spirit... But only if you have some 4 lokos.