every Xbox Live chat room

Trevor Wallace

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    who did i miss?
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    1. Trevor Wallace

      watch the vlog and behind the scene from this on my 2nd channel !! hufast.info/plan/vide/ao7Shqxss2K3dn0

      1. LOOK AT MY NAME

        I am legit the "Just trying to play gamer"! I have literally said that "why are you arguing with a kid on xbox" line!

      2. NASA •

        We gonna need that Bart it goes to hard

      3. NASA •

        Ayo what’s that beat called 😈😈😈

      4. Bagel Man

        You missed the guy that sings the whole time

      5. Jackson Slie

        Let's get to 420 dislikes

    2. Cynosa

      where's the one that has family guy compilations in their background 24/7

    3. Just a weeb

      this all of my personalitys

    4. DrippyFox

      i cant lie that is true

    5. issac clark

      I'm surprised nobody is like um it's a party not a chat room

    6. Snot Rocket

      The guy with an echo: Am I a joke to you?

    7. ImYourDad

      Every xbox player says this isn't true But we all know its true

    8. Poxea

      Every time someone plugs in their mic all i hear is their smoke detectors beeping. That part was very accurate

    9. nehemiah ellison

      what song was playing at 2:09

    10. Leo unknown

      Im the guy who has his tv to loud or venting to homies after couple beers deep lol

    11. captiandyno

      I’m 100% the one playing music all the time


      1:50 fuck yeah slipknot !👏🏾🤘🏾

    13. Eejit

      you forgot to say the n word.

    14. Naveed Rehman

      You forgot the guy who only speaks spanish

    15. GumBall

      "why are you beefing with a 11 year old" *beefs with 11 year old 2 minutes later*

    16. jaguar

      you forgot about the little kid

    17. MorosePanda 9549

      THOMAS THE TRAIN COME BACK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. Guy Fawkes

      Algorithm bump

    19. Neo Nikey

      Im the Dude who just wants to play the game

    20. Ayden Griffin

      that music?

    21. Ethan

      "What are you Joe Rogan's nephew" Oh my god that's Gerard Way..

    22. Keaton Carter

      I have the same head set as the green hooded guy lol:)

    23. dominic pagano

      Im literally from New Haven CT what the actual fuck

    24. Howie Ewalt

      The low battery fire alarm is probably the best part.

    25. Yo mama Is me

      this makes me want to play COD

    26. Donny Goodman

      The smoke detector guy is awesome

    27. BiteMyStrafe

      You forgot the booter

    28. Reece’s Cups

      The one that’s always afk

    29. Cameron Gilbertson

      I hate when there is that one guy that just wants to play (which is fine) but they are more annoying by constantly telling people to be quiet. Just mute people.

    30. •.D R A V E N .•

      i frikkin hate this guy, hes annoying af bruh

    31. ZeldaSnake300

      Why did Connecticut have to be the state that would get roasted?

    32. ahmed kiyaan

      1v1 me in fortnight

    33. Illyasviel Von Einzbern

      I’m the weeb

    34. KingHades NCFC

      What about these ones: The guy who is always eating, the one who gets yelled at for playing too much, the one and only girl in the party, the rage quitter, the dude that’s always high (aka 420 Gamertag), and many more.

    35. Dio Bruhndo

      you missed the guy who "Wants to Actually Talk and Relax"

    36. TheEpicGamer 67

      My friends be like:

    37. Donovan Smith


    38. Only Sweaty

      When I was like 10 I use to say alot of racist shit in cod lobbies on the 260

    39. Benboi 2727

      “N word”

    40. Qautic

      where is the who asked guy

    41. Memeking86

      this is me and my friend group lmao ... im the one who wants to play and the one who blasts music lol

    42. L D

      This is practically real life

    43. Lord Vader

      that mic in the mouth got me

    44. Aid An

      Hey babe I’m not playing cod FUCK!!!

    45. Nacht

      where are the cancer roasts?

    46. Kyobou- Kun

      I m the guy who never speaks

    47. Icy meel

      1:34 Literally me

    48. Andrew Mendez

      im the guy who wants to play the damn game

    49. Bunny Bro

      If he added the extra realness of it he would be banned from HUfast instantly lol

    50. Waffle Boii

      *beep* looks up

    51. Waffle Boii

      What a wholesome community.

    52. Leevi Ristola

      this video can't be any more stereotypical

    53. tIMotHy dA GReAt

      Playstation cat rooms are quiet Nintendo chat rooms full of fanboys

    54. yaboidark

      You left out the Hispanic kid who is having a family reunion while he’s playing

      1. The Censored Muscle

        Na, that's just his everyday life. 10 people living in his house.

    55. KC Karns

      I'm 12 years old, my parents aren't home....I'm gonna call everyone the n word.

    56. vantage dream

      Ur forgeting the kid that is always talking about how he is better

    57. Jay Chambers

      “How am I supposed to listen to Slipknot after this?” 😂

    58. Robert Gray

      Ps4: gg no ree

    59. Ethan Beabout

      Forgot ab the guy who’s constantly ripping the bong directly next to the mic

    60. Diet Watermelon

      So true

    61. Sbot_2005

      Anyone the third guy I am lol

    62. Ryan Adams

      I’m the first one lol

    63. Shadow Wally

      That one kid that goes 1 V 1 ME RIGHT NOW!!

    64. Shadow Wally

      The gamer girl

    65. STÆRK 12

      That’s so trueeee

    66. Pan Man

      You forgot the kid going HAM on chips

    67. debruindairy

      I love the dude that just wants to play he is like me when I play with my friends

    68. Flaming Ice

      This was gold

    69. Gun_jpeg

      3/10 unrealistic, wheres the n words racial slurs, minors saying racial slurs, people screaming in the mic

    70. Bunny Bro

      This vidoe is to relatable

    71. Lost Wrld

      You forgot the guy that trolls by playing really high pitched sounds into his mic

    72. The Dopester

      He plays these characters so well

    73. animegamer lol

      i have a crazy idea this might be too wild but what if hear me out we all shut the fuck up

    74. animegamer lol

      im the guy who wants to play the game and have a good time

    75. Vix

      2:04 what's the name of this song?

    76. Russell Allen

      Man's got the same mic as me

    77. Mood-zy

      The E-girl That everybody Simps for...

    78. Bill


    79. Dj McNugget

      Me: *subconscious singing and demon slaying in doom eternal*

    80. Cloak

      Its so true though

    81. orange dreem

      Don’t you hate it when your ceiling gets dry?

    82. GenesisGaming

      Where is "the guy who mutes the entire lobby" just playing in perfect harmony and peace

    83. Raja Narjinary

      His screams are why I watch these videos!

    84. Kool Dood

      2:08 Me. Discovered so many songs via the Xbox chat

      1. Kool Dood

        Nevermind 4:19

    85. Walt Grouse

      " The Foreign Guy who's silent throughout the entire match and either destroys everyone or gets destroyed " is my favorite. Specific, I know.

    86. schofield lancaster

      i've seen all of these people in CSGO

    87. Tian Terbec

      Now he's just showing off his hoodies.

    88. Lgid skateboarding

      Broooooooo I love slipknot !!!!!!!!! 🤩🙌🏼😂🙏🏼✊🏼🤣🤘🏼😆

    89. Koen Johnson

      I am the one who just wants to play the game

    90. Phoenix 42

      im the guy who just wants to play

    91. Dominick Waltimire


    92. cod godzzz haha Simp

      You forgot "The Clone"

    93. TNovix

      "I got the STD results back, my shi came back drippin" Bet.

    94. OcelotMx5

      The smoke detector thing got me for 5 minutes.

    95. Devin Montville

      Forget the guy thats super stoned and thinks it helps him play.

    96. Teddy

      The smoke detector guy needed to be called out..

    97. thinken.

      “What are you, Joe Rogan’s nephew?” that is SO a line from the guy who just wants to play in any game

    98. Imafatcat Meow

      Why is this so true lmao

    99. kungninja

      I can just imagine how much mashed up audio he edited

    100. Mr. FinDerBinDer

      same last NAME THO!!!!