losing our V-cards (feat. bbno$) | Stiff Socks Podcast Ep. 106

Trevor Wallace

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    @bbno$ is in the building! bbno$ and the bois riff on rappers retirement, how hot Titanic Leo was, and what bbno$ bought with his first bag. They also discuss what scientists have been debating for years... what is the JO to-do list? Stiff Socks is science and science is stiff socks.
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    1. creator 44

      A diamond the size of a coffee cup would single handedly wipe out %95 of the value of diamond.

    2. Oliver Bautista

      Oliver gang

    3. Not dogga

      Trevor tries to act cool the second bbno$ comes in hahaha

    4. Michael B

      This is one of the most pathetic podcasts ever. Cringe so hard, they are so fake it is so cringey ahhhhh

    5. Will

      My crushes name is alivia

    6. JOSH2TONE

      6:45 facts

    7. Bia ijusthavemyphone

      0:17 you're thinking of barnacles lol

    8. B- Dog

      I wonder if youngboy needs to sign a 80 album deal since he drops 30 times a year

    9. Clint Guinther

      If any of y’all Ever go to charleston South Carolina, take the drive to Shem Creek and go to vickery’s

    10. Lil B

      If you name your kid Thor I think you’re obligated to give him hgh

    11. Lizzie Bowen

      Why the fuck did they say “Olivia is hot” when they’re talking about literal babies...

    12. Lizzie Bowen

      I hate that they said “Olivia is hot for a girl” when they’re talking about literal babies.....

    13. Thor Bittner

      My name is thor i got scared as shit when i heard someone yell my name

    14. BaNaNa BrEaD

      Haha my names Oliver but I like to be called olly not Ollie

    15. FinessedBricks

      The chip skylark reference, still vividly remember that episode for some dumb reason...

    16. Evan Webb-Stuart

      You guys are so funny

    17. Tyler Moore

      Rex wallace sounds like a damn outlaw

    18. Looque_c

      i love podcasts with rappers that dont feel like there trying to make a bag off them like hot 97 and just actually talks to the person

    19. BIGBILLI

      300th comment

    20. Blockofchezgood

      bbno$ looked a lil uncomfortable talking about beating meat

    21. A.O. Skurtt

      Very cool to see mr.no$

    22. A.O. Skurtt

      Aye south Carolina boys

    23. Bennett Fain

      @Trevor Wallace Thanks for the new term, Virgin but not a bitch 🤣

    24. Olivia Bacon

      watching this as an olivia:😏

    25. War Saw

      I find it so impressive how accurate the guys were with the super bowl commercials, 8 million for 30 seconds and the companies are stupid with how they advertise.

    26. Olivia Edwards

      It’s funny cause my names Olivia and my friends call me olive

    27. Jade Sloth

      “what’s a blouse” -micheal bloustein

    28. Jade Sloth


    29. usually_unusual

      They missed the perfect chance to say feet instead of feat for Michael .

    30. Nick Valdez

      “I don’t want to go to Wichita” i felt, I live here and I don’t even wanna be here


      my boy bbno$ putting on for Canada aye

    32. Ben Esmonde

      Anyone else notice that the episode is numbered wrong? It's ep 108 not 106

    33. ollie

      hey lol my name is Oliver, I love hearing my name

    34. Coffie

      episode 106...

    35. tau zena

      bbnoS kinda gae

    36. Combusted-Lemon

      I love this Podcast, I want them to be longer but the bois be busy

    37. Nick McRill

      The Chip Skylark reference😂😂😂

    38. Quiet Watcher

      No meduza but I feel like a stone

    39. matthew kasper

      Dude New West Born and raised son. That comment about sushi in Vancouver though is like so true. Izumia markets man. Cheapest sushi but some of the best sushi I’ve ever had and I’ve had it in multiple countries just to try it. The 604 has some good ass cuisine man

    40. Thorin Lamkey

      My name being thorin and 14 😂😂

    41. SD Hall

      Bro my name is Samual. And it is spelled with two A’s. 😂😂 always go by Sam

    42. Xzavier Bristol

      Bruh their names literally would be Oliver and Rex in another world why tf do they fit them so well lmao

    43. Jesus Gonzalez

      It’s been 6 days and I still haven’t finished the video

    44. Dillo159

      Im the whiteclaw guy LMAO

    45. Jack McIntyre

      Next video: Life of a Fanpage Manager.

    46. EmmaCat

      Dude I just moved back to CA from Minnesota and the tacos are a whole other level here...Midwest can’t do tacos like they do down here, close to the homeland of tacos

      1. Andrew Castleberry

        Well no shit

    47. Mr Maaf

      This is the first time I've watched Trevor's podcast but I have to say it feels a bit forced. I feel like Trevor is trying really hard to dominate the conversation. Like damn, chill Trevor. Let the others speak and the conversation will flow naturally

    48. Leland Touchton

      This should be called sticky socks not stiff socks

    49. Paul Rizzo

      Funny ass vid loved it

    50. Luke Felsted

      Can we just appreciate that Trevor and Michael’s headphones connect on a fucking cinder block!


      this diamond's from aritzia xD nobody got that joke

    52. Cameron Coventon

      Bucket of hat

    53. Vlad Bilunyk

      Uzi net worth estimated around 16 mil

    54. Anna Fritzen

      You coming to syracuse?

    55. ACLS games

      where can you buy tops like trevors

    56. Matty Elemental Sound LA

      Oliver tree the man I love that guy creative genius you're right

    57. Matty Elemental Sound LA

      Music that makes you feel something seems to last a lifetime but just making a party track or whatever more than not comes and goes

    58. Natalie Johnson

      Am I the only one pissed off that he called Blonde the “see both sides like Chanel” album?

    59. gabrielle labbe

      the way y’all say poutine k*lls me 😤

      1. BIGBILLI


    60. Bruh cake

      Trevor looks like California rick Asley

    61. Jp Wolf

      Just heads up this is 108 not 106 I was so confused when I was watching 107 before this then saw it went to 106 I thought I had went backwards in time lol love your pod cast and rex best first name ever

      1. Bucky

        I had a stroke tryna read that

    62. Olivia Mcnew

      Me with the name olivia

    63. Riggin Thorniley

      A blouse is a shirt with labia.

    64. Animal king

      They both r styling!

    65. TaeKwonDonuts

      T mobile. Lmfao

    66. SpadeBeatZ

      Funniest white guy of this era! Love ya bruh all my friends thinks the samenesses

    67. skyplayer 21

      1min talk show got bbno$ first

    68. Ian L


    69. Doug Thompson

      I agree, I was born aged 47.

      1. BIGBILLI

        Your pfp looks familiar is that you

    70. SuppSamanthaa

      My brother’s name is Samuel and guess what my name is...Samantha. Yep, my parents are so creative.

    71. Spellbound

      "Curiosity's tryna get some cat" - Trevor Wallace 2021

    72. Calvin T

      Rex Wallace sounds like a country singer

    73. ellstacker adventures


    74. Trevor Lezotte

      rex wallace the abusive dad from the glass castle lmaooo

    75. Vantix

      Vancouver Pasta place: Ask for Luigi, in East Hastings. Thats my guess Edit: oh they remembered

    76. Valiant Cheez

      I’m a virgin by choice, I just feel that I should give something that special to the one with whom I’m gonna live my life. Regular hoes don’t deserve my pipe, ya feel me?

    77. JustRex42

      Sirs.. My name is Rex. After my great grandfather. My uncle also a Rex. I know personally maybe 3-4 other Rexs. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    78. Dood6283

      I have a friend named Thor

    79. Zander Lepak

      Trevor: prepares outro Also Trevor: continues episode for 20 more minutes 1:10:53

    80. Michael Perrone

      Trevor finna be on XXL freshman class 2021 BARS

    81. Angel Alvarez

      Can you explain why u guys still feel the need to “be in the shower” even though you have a Gf 🤔

    82. Jacob Anderson

      theres a pornstar with huge milkers named siri

    83. Doubting Chimp

      its my first time listening to these and its actually interesting and its something that i can listen to in class

    84. Omar Garcia

      Cringed through the whole Frank Ocean story that shit was way off 😂 28:00

    85. Vee Smith

      Yo thanks for turning me onto BBNO$ !! 🔥 🔥 🔥

    86. unhealthy MF

      black spot, get rid of it

    87. that_mrs_awesome

      RECKS WALLACE 🙌🙌🤣🤣🤣

    88. IShittedMyPajamas

      I lost my visa card too

    89. Mathew Dave

      The fluffy wire electronmicroscopically sin because handicap neurally pine till a untidy sardine. woozy, shrill pie

    90. Bonbon Son

      Please come to Albuquerque New Mexico!! We are a random ass city that nobody comes to, we turn tf up!!

    91. Cyclone Slayer

      dud ei love that he drops regular music, i am a masive bbno$ fan and i love the regular music

    92. Emilio Fajardo

      Bbno talkin abt gravy introducing him to the game of pooty tang makes me imagine bbno at a party or sum w/ gravy in his ear coaching him on Bluetooth

    93. Blake Rupert

      Siri search in retarded iPhones Siri

    94. DO

      Title topic starts at 39:12

      1. Deason Vlogs

        Thank you I love you!!!!

      2. Minecrafter123

        Saved me 40 minutes

      3. Not qxvr

        thank you

      4. Jayri Engram

        Thank you

      5. Sophie Ghaffari

        Oh my gosh l was looking in the comments for this thank you so much!

    95. Rakurai _

      ilove garden

    96. Charles Ham

      I want that BB camera set up

    97. 49Gunnaz🥍

      Leo killed the South African accent in Blood Diamond !!!!!

    98. Red dirt Outdoors


    99. 49Gunnaz🥍

      Let’s talk about the Going To Space Super Bowl commercial. Who is going? I’m not

    100. Scyther


      1. BIGBILLI

        Here for da gram