NFT That c0ochie: Stiff Socks Podcast | Ep. 118

Trevor Wallace

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    The science gang wades into deep waters riffing on trevs new fleshlights, getting laid off an NFT, and how everything was invented because of vagina. They also find the meaning of life through the question... when the blue man group bang is there blue everywhere? We eat, sleep, and drink science.
    GUYS: starting May 5th, we will be switching over to @Stiff Socks Podcast to post the full episodes.
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    1. Devin Dishner

      The views are fucking sky rocketing I’m so happy for you guys thanks for amazing content that helps me through the day frfr

    2. Papi Chilo

      25:25 hes a rock

    3. SixShots

      Yes lungs hold air. 1/4 less of half a cup is 3/8 of a cup.

    4. Natalie Figueroa

      Ok, so I'm at the cup of dog food part right. So if you're giving the dog a legit measured 1 cup of dry dog food then shaving a quarter cup or 1/4 off, leaves either 3/4 of a cup or roughly 155g of food.

    5. Ken Mendoza

      Trevor watch anime?! This man is cultured

    6. Ben Swan

      Trevor knows nothing abt anime 😂

    7. Rosemary

      Michael explaining NFTs made more sense than any other youtube video I’ve watched trying to understand it.

    8. Emily Nehls

      I was gonna buy tickets to the nashville show, but it’s sold out 😕😕

    9. benny chesney

      Michael i got you. Half a cup is 1/2 cups, which is the same as 4/8 cups. 25% less means use 1/4 less or use 3/4 of 1. So if you need to use 3/4 (or 6/8) of what your giving than you need to feed her 3/8 of a cup of food each time BTW. Something/something is a fraction but im limited in the comments

    10. Nathan Weiler

      I just saw Blau for the first time cuz I always just listen to the podcasts and for some reason I imagined him blond and not I feel like he looks so weird

    11. Pika Gabrijelcic


    12. Ariane Logan

      The Martinellis plastic bottles DO SOUND LIKE APPLES ITS FUCKING insane

    13. Tomas Montano

      Dog I hope Trevor was joking about the lung thing

    14. Laura Madrid

      Michael is sooo cute with glasses! Love you guys

    15. Amir Mahmoud


    16. SunnyB_NewPeace

      Yooo, did Trev not watch DBZ?? They take like 10 episodes to get to the point! Yet, I still keep watching 😂

    17. IG

      I think this is the first time I see an actual HUfast ad on a stiff socks video

    18. Joseph Vernon


    19. Joseph Vernon

      michael knows more than trevor lmao

    20. EmmaCat


    21. DaePlays

      Why am I watching a guy explaining what his sex toy is

    22. Saleh Cheema

      10:10 this would be a great bit 😂

    23. Ballin on a Budget

      Wtf is Trevor goin on about with not breathing down your throat

    24. Saleh Cheema

      Those glasses get me rocked up

    25. Thermedge

      Came across a picture of these guys with Mark and Akaash doing Flagrant 2, thought who the fuck are these guys. Watched every single clip on the insta and came straight here. Guess this is me for the next few months till I've watched them all.

    26. Sarah A

      So you're telling me Trevor, a grown ass man, didn't know how breathing and lungs work? 😃 Got damn xD

    27. Jacob Anderson

      my brothers name is greg and he indeed was a fat baby lol

    28. Don Sauyce

      Michael was kinda killing that impression

    29. Daniel Cuellar

      I was expecting Trevor to say “Let me IN-vest”

    30. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      100 on that second to last question i just gotta move out he won't change and he's getting worse ashamed I don't just beat his ass I said never again and here I am another one. Sincerely 4sale🤣

    31. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      No fucks taken ohhhh I'm dumb today

    32. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I was in a dp relationship b4 lol

    33. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Swimming is really good for dogs just take her swimming and help her she's little 12 pounds like come on Man my Dogs probably like almost 90 pounds.

    34. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Ohhhh it's selling the original that's nft

    35. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      What is nft I'm so old.

    36. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Malnutrition can be a cause of weight gain if it's effecting your liver then your body holds fats instead of eating them. It could be what you're feeding her.

    37. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      A doggy bag i haven't heard that in forever

    38. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Dudeeee @trevorwallace can u please make your videos useable on tiktok so I can compliment you.

    39. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I love every every video though the Kyle videos are my favorite I love u Kyle

    40. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      That's the appendix im pretty sure because mine had to be removed because from a real young age I liked raw beef idk i was fucking weird though i grew out of it and had emergency surgery at 9to12 i can't remember what actual age i was i have memory problems.

    41. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Inhaling handsome

    42. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I'm that person who shouldn't be living sadly i probably should shoot myself though i can't because i make beautiful kids so i think I'd rather be ugly and make beautiful babies&children than be perfect barbie and make the kids that get made fun of.

    43. Jackson Cooper

      Do 3/4th a cup per feeding. (Either 3 1/4th cups or if have a 3/4th cup use that)

    44. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Shit if u just said hi to me I'd lose my mind lol in a good way @trevorwallace

    45. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Homemade u get the blocks of velveeta

    46. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      People are so weird 🤣 why would u use food inside u

    47. Kayla Carpenter

      Its the appendix not the gallbladder lol!

    48. Simply Tony

      Trevor! What Animes do you watch or watched.? It's awesome to know you are into anime 🔥🔥🔥

    49. Steve

      Yo Mike! You said you feed Gretta 2 half cups, which is 1 cup. Feed her half a cup in the morning, quarter cup at night, equals 3/4 cup, or 25% less!.

    50. Elliot Martin

      Trevor still doesn’t know what NFT’s are

    51. Sensei Juzo

      I was the 1k like of the vid 😎 but dam Michael is looking too fucking sexy better take em off for I acted up

    52. Eddie Newell


    53. gjorgji najdeski

      first podcast i watchet fully ever

      1. Simply Tony

        They're all golden.

    54. Nazzavae Spencer

      Is it just me or does Michael give off small feet energy...

    55. gjorgji najdeski

      i hate my self for ignoring this podcast i fucking love it

      1. Simply Tony

        Same. I was sleeping on it for too long then I heard 1 ep. And I was HOOKED !

    56. Lucas Jackson

      I’m from Alabama ur going to be in Huntsville on my brothers birthday

    57. Ti Co

      Have you tried raw pet food? It’s literally impossible for them to put on weight bc it’s pure nutrition and measured, and it keeps them optimally healthy and out of the vets throughout life.

    58. Elena Barajas

      Also Michael you should feed Greta 1/4 cup of food lol

    59. SirWickenshire

      This shit is a dead meme man. Milking it dry across multiple platforms. Why I still like cherdleys they don't overdo it.

    60. Brongus

      This dude don't know how lungs work

    61. ImDeluxeee

      best podcast on the internet for sure

    62. Aerial Penguin

      Michael out here straight up educated? Wtff 👏👏👏

    63. Ivan Hernandez

      Mike dawg weight it and then take 25 % off and then mark it

    64. wesley Fletcher

      Michael new who Kendra southerland a man of class

      1. Simply Tony

        They literally interviewed her on the show mam. If you haven't seen it go watch it 😁

    65. Ephraim

      why does he sit like women

      1. Simply Tony

        Because it's a comfortable position to sit in

    66. Kyle Orr

      Because at night you can't see your map at sea

    67. Liam Zriouil

      No offense guys but you're so damn dumb it's hilarious

    68. Apurva Sharma

      Trevor being so flabbergasted by the function of esophagus was hilarious! xD

    69. junior bahena

      Why do they all plug there dates on where they are going to be like its going to be useful in literally 5 months. Literally no one cares

    70. errrmmm

      does anyone know what gabe’s instagram is

    71. Elliot Martin

      After a stressful week of work this is exactly what I needed on a Thursday night. Love from Australia

    72. Calanis K4GE

      Trash taste x Stiff socks incoming

    73. Nicole Hoskins

      Trevor : give her a backyard Michael: .... what if that was my 13th reason 🤨🔫

    74. Edward Kanger

      If you don't clean up after yourself. You are spoiled.

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    76. Zachary Tighe

      Michael feed Greta 3/8 of a cup of food twice a day that is 25% less food

    77. Troy H

      No one cares about the podcasts, that’s why the average view time is 0:52 seconds.

    78. Sweet Pea

      👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 nothing like a new stuff socks in ya subs after a day

    79. Trvr Shoe

      just googled japanese cucumbers.... those are NOT AT ALL small

    80. Jacob Bridget

      Love the podcast brotha

    81. Sebastian Aquino

      MICHAEL, the Easiest way to take out 25% is to just mark it at half of what you usually do and then mark between the halfway point and the top🤓

    82. Elena Barajas

      “There’s people that shit in their pants, I might be one of those guys.” 💀 “First of all, I am small and cute.” 😂 these two quotes from Michael could not be more contradictory

      1. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

        All guys shart it's real lol

    83. Jessica Evans

      That bits 12 years old and we updated for Kevin ummm I will take Dave c. mad about my skillz with Kevin over 8 million views ..... especially since neither has cashed out for me yet. Ticket booth com data don't count I still did it all for under current min wage #comdeylife

    84. MatrixGaming

      I just want to catch up but my computer wont work i listen to you guys while im playing iv watched all episodes till102 episode

    85. Alex B.

      Even the blue chew ad was great 😂

    86. Grant Silagin

      Guys... 3/8 of a cup would be 75% less than 1/2 a cup...

      1. KingBenji

        I'm glad someone else figured it out as well

    87. [funky_space_panda422]

      Trevor looks like a burn victim

    88. Lotan

      Michael can call me daddy with those glasses

    89. Ranchny Helmstetter

      Im near secausus nj

    90. the cynx


    91. PsycoDude31

      Soooo.... where can I buy that NFT again?

    92. Dave 3rdEyeArt

      Believe it or not the tiktok apple juice thing is real, some plastic just sounds like that

    93. Kevin Lopez

      Trevor really doesn't know how to breath

      1. Simply Tony

        @Kevin Lopez I did. I was making a joke.

      2. Kevin Lopez

        @Simply Tony you haven't listened to the whole thing haven't you

      3. Simply Tony

        He's not dead yet so he's breathing fine

    94. Ethan Mauer

      Btw the Martinellis biting sound is actually real

    95. Exile 84

      Micheal laughs like slappy from goosebumps

    96. vince santistevan

      Saweetie and doja cat lip synced the whole time. Them and every fucking performer we’re a waste of money and time.

    97. Kent Silva

      Blau are you drinking samples of pool water

    98. Hayden Mathey

      anime is fast cartoons💀💀