people who use motivational water bottles

Trevor Wallace

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    if ur still reading this, go comment "i think there's something on your pants"

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    1. Trevor Wallace

      Y’all rocking with the Shorts content ⁉️⁉️

      1. jordan fally


      2. JOEGE


      3. Mr Spadez


      4. MrLuisTito


      5. no youtube name

        I think this is the first short I’ve seen from you? It’s a good one!

    2. MsTheCommentator

      I recently switched locations at work and this one gives me way more opportunities to hydrate, so I feel this. 😭

    3. kitchen gun

      *kitchen gun will solve this problem*

    4. BasedTy

      You would think I’m mad, but I’m just happy to say we’ve got the same bottle 😂

    5. eggatoe

      666k veiws nice

    6. harvey pratt

      REMEBER YOUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Anonymous Commenter

      just saw one of these in the wild the other day. she filled out my covid vaccine card for the second time.

    8. No, Thank you

      I accidentally skipped ahead to the end and suddenly got very confused

    9. bl1ndTRAPS

      i was in my school library and i turned up the volume and all they heard was "THERES PISS EVERYWHERE"

    10. Lizzy Palaski

      something cool my mom just got one of these water bottles today

    11. s h

      i fee like Trevor Wallace, Gus johnson, and longbeachgriffy are the best people at impersonating stereotypes and it's not up for debate

    12. Lindsay Whiddon

      I died when I read *laughs in loneliness *

    13. Thomas Young

      Goddamn the last scene made me piss myself

    14. Boss Be4r

      Day 1 of asking him to do people who pretend to be depressed

    15. Blue Falcons Suck

      Work outdoor construction in Arizona... You'll go through 3 of those by noon and MAYBE piss once.

    16. J. Barnes

      I have this exact bottle and attitude. Triggered.

    17. Oldnoobman


    18. Gregory Hipwell

      My mom has one of these that holds an entire gallon

    19. Raylene Estrada

      Waiting for the Cacti video 🙂

    20. Langley Brents

      I can taste that water for some reason

    21. Sarcastic Demon

      if you tou need more ideas dm me

    22. pL3xx

      Ngl I think my mom has one of these water bottles

    23. YourMilkshake

      What’s that water bottle called tho

    24. ADK Aquatics

      That’s not even that much water tho...

    25. Lemonade

      Legends say he never stopped pissing

    26. ExroFizz

      My mom uses this I was gonna send it to her but I’m glad I watched the whole thing and I am no longer gonna send it to her

    27. Adam Long

      I just spit juice everywhere!!! Lmfao 😂

    28. J&J Bassing

      Smh, need to become a hydrohomie Trevor, then you’ll look at that bottle and think “Damn I need a bigger bottle”

    29. Mr Spadez

      Where's the comments

    30. Priest Sharma

      0:48 why was he so exited about pee!!!

    31. Liz Lanham

      I think there is something on your pants

    32. Sidney Vivier

      “I think I have to use the little boys’ room” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Paige Harper

      I hate when people are just like, "MAH" after drinking water and smile suuuuper huge. Like- JuSt DrInK iT lIkE a NoRmAl PeRsOn!!!!

    34. Son Rykon

      I use one but only because I need to drink a gallon a day as my doctor said

    35. Reece Valentine

      I'd actually kill for that bottle

    36. Tristen Rubio

      As a motivational water bottlist, I can totally relate?

    37. Obito Uchiha

      wheres the premium version to get the uncensored version

    38. Bart Robot

      The hunt mentioned you in his new video on the RX7

      1. Bart Robot

        I meant TJ hunt

    39. Doyle

      Had a makemebad35 moment at the end.

    40. Repentant Heart

      Intro to a depends commercial.......stops abruptly in a deep commercial voice..."if this is you you may be suffering from uncontrollable bladder syndrome."

    41. Scott Thomas

      People getting hyponatremia with that amount of water...then seizures...then...

    42. no youtube name

      Please do more deluded motivational characters. Make one of those preachy ones who thinks they help everyone with cliches that are irrelevant to the people they speak to

    43. Lucas Ulloa

      Go to TJ Hunt’s most recent vid about his RX-7!!!! He literally gave you a free shout-out

    44. Jonathan Peter Belling

      i have watched this every daysince it came out still funny every time

    45. look at this person

      my mom just got one of those and i’m showing her this video rn

    46. Mohammed Ahmed

      I got my water bottle so I can play along at home.

    47. Jason Ivy

      I got to go🇺🇸

    48. omnighast

      fuuck i just bought one on amazon lol

    49. Wyatt Calhoon

      It's so we drink as much water as we need a day not for the inspirational quoted

    50. Homer Simpson

      “Every morning I wake up at 5 a.m with my outfit already on, then go on a 10 mile jog. Then I workout, eat a dietary breakfast, then spend 20 minutes in my health hot tub. Then, I take a shower, brush my teeth for 10 minutes, and get ready for my day. Then I go to work and maintain a positive attitude until I come home:)” - every HUfastrs apparent “day”

    51. Reid Herndon

      My teacher has the same jug😂😂😂😂

    52. David D

      Basically me after my kidney stone.

    53. Roddy Ramos


    54. Chris Austin

      your daily routine when you take Adderall for school. if you know, you know...

    55. Samantha Galbraith

      I don't even care about the purpose of the video the fact that I have the same pillows on my couch as him lmao.

    56. Virginia Walker

      😂 You always killin me. DEAD 👻⚰

    57. HoneyBadgerDoesStuff

      I have a motivational water bottle and i colored on it so now it says at 11 am and 5pm “give up”

    58. Jackeronie

      mine just says 1000ml 900ml 800ml 700ml 600ml 500ml 400ml 300ml 200ml 100ml, my urine is constantly dilute because I empty it multiple times a day

    59. Justin Waage

      LUNK ALARM!!!!!

    60. Nicky Huge

      my mom has one of these

    61. Sokon

      The fuck did I watch

    62. Giridhar Gopalan. T

      Love everytime when Trevor shouts the time " 9.00 AM"😂😂

    63. lil bubble guppy


    64. Vegas 10

      Lmao too funny... that’s exactly how I be at work while trying to be Water healthy

    65. Yeti Cooler2

      2 of my teachers had the same one tho

    66. Kaegn Gutair channel

      Dude my fucking teacher uses these in our school

    67. seven

      I just got one on Amazon and this video shows up in my recommended 🙄

    68. Amziah Holt

      @Trevor Wallace you’re the GOAT for this! 🤣🤣🤣

    69. Dominic the saiyan

      What is wrong with you

    70. Cp’s Funeral

      after 11 everything went downhill :.(

    71. D'Johns veress

      Bruh, why people take moral credit for this shit..

    72. John Doe

      lmao love his "fake" laughs

    73. Tremendo562 M.

      Look like captain America on meth.

    74. Roen Herkth

      This is great.

    75. aidil

      trevor plays these stereotypes so well that i no longer know what his true personality is

    76. whatsyourAOL

      I like how we force ourselves to drink a gallon when most of us dont even need it. A sign that you dont need is if you're peeing way more often than usual. If the body doesnt need the extra water, it will literally just go into the toliet. Kinda pointless and shows no significant improvement unless a person is truly dehydrated.

    77. A Certified Real Nigga

      I high key need one of these!!

    78. MD over

      Are these for alcoholics?

    79. Bulb Hill

      This gives me reckless HUfastpoop vibes

    80. Polaris

      I saw a guy at work with a water bottle exactly like that today, and it reminded me to watch this video.

    81. Dramamine

      Thanks for not making this an 8 minute video trevor

    82. Nick Wilken

      4/20 video with Bryson?

    83. Seventh Seraph CQC-12

      I relate to the end but without the water bottle

    84. Real Spork

      My parents

    85. Pablo Lloyd

      i fucking love this guy

    86. Michael Atwood

      most L.A. thing i’ve ever seen

    87. Lukas Malachowski

      Wow what do you say to that

    88. Łukasz Stachowicz

      A water paradox If you water water it will grow But if you water trevor it will grow anger

    89. Maksym Kunitsin

      This gives me some FilthyFrank vibes lol.

    90. Davo

      Can I be your camera man

    91. Nick Guziak

      That escalated quickly.

    92. Blaxonk!

      Ok but let's also talk about the other type of people that have little to no liquid and it's like: "nah i'm ok" no dude, your kidneys just died.

    93. David Hernandez

      Hahahah true.

    94. Emir Adrović

      Me fasting 👀

    95. Jay W

      trevor why is this vertical?

    96. Club Warts

      omg i’m drinking out of that rn



    98. Mia Blaze JMO

      Lol 😆🤣

    99. MrJimmyJamz

      Plot twist: it’s actually vodka

    100. Jason Chad

      Half way there and already pissing him self