Raw Dog in a Red Lobster | Stiff Socks Podcast. Ep 116

Trevor Wallace

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    Trev and Blau really utilize the Scientific method in this one. They debate above ground pools, how their d*cks would dress, and where they would hide a dead body. They also take a deep dive into the world of safe words. Stiff Socks starts with the letter S and you know what else does... SCIENCE.
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    1. Shogo King

      You should raw dog in front of a church while Jesus takes Wheel plays

    2. Cooper Smith

      Usually in Alabama we build porches around the above ground pools 😂

    3. Monti

      I swear its so awkward

    4. benny chesney

      "Get fed, get bread, get head" words to live by

    5. Ben Hogan

      Gabe: Bertha Michael: GUHGH

    6. Adrian C

      my dog is more than my best friend, she is my family. if it wasnt for her i would have killed myself by now. i have been watching you guys for a long time but that comment is really making me think twice. and guess what, i am a fucking loser, so i guess you guys werent wrong.

    7. GrossPet

      you Build a deck for an above ground pool..... Trev you're okay but your bud is a douche

    8. instagram daltonnelson123

      This is by far the funniest episode

    9. KFalconNeo

      I took a break from ss for about 4 months so I could binge them all

    10. jlaviolette772

      Lye plus boiling water will completely melt everything on a dead body or a pig farm

    11. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I am a $25 member yeeeeee love u guys thanks so much

    12. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Laughlin, Nv

    13. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      You should do Laughlin

    14. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      It's zip off lol

    15. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      In pigs lol

    16. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Sending hugs Michael you sound like u need a hug

    17. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Fuck i also realized i forgot Turmeric at the store today

    18. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I'll be your turmeric haha

    19. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      :( i can't eat peanuts anymore

    20. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Trevor Kyle Shut the fuck up you're so Handsome it's not even funny it's like instawet whenever i see u smile or hear your voice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣don't judge me he does it to you too!

    21. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      That's my shit Gone with the wind Babyyyyyy read that Book in 2nd grade and watched the movie in 4th.

    22. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I tried it lol it doesn't work

    23. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I love you Papi @trevorwallace

    24. Daniel Kasyanov

      this man did the me too speedrun and came back

    25. bottomless pit rc

      We actually built a porch around our above ground pool

    26. Cooper Armstrong

      I would hide the body underneath an endangered plant so it’s a crime to dig it up

    27. G Julian Cantu

      Where you gonna be in San Antonio?

    28. ArcheoFutura _

      Hot take: pools are kinda stupid, and are half the reason why California is constantly in a water crisis (looking at y'all in socal)

    29. Sweet Pea


    30. Kylie Shellenbarger

      Congrats on 2 million guys!!

    31. Derrell Pittman

      I think it’s so funny how many times they talk over each other in these episodes.

    32. Quinn Malone

      Ugh, what I would give to be the one to cut down this footage into like 20 edited tik toks 😂😂 I’m so glad I finally watched a full podcast

    33. chilling out

      I feel like the movie trevor was talking about was "the outsiders"

    34. Hanna Blair

      I’m sitting at work watching this trying not to die laughing or look stupid just sitting there with my AirPods in laughing

    35. Caleb Rohan

      I was listening to this while leveling an area in my backyard for an above ground pool 😔

    36. Mateo Rojas

      im named mateo and im fucking ugly

    37. Bravo 6 fan boy

      Congrats on 2 mil

    38. matthew thomas

      Trevs top comedy is Dumb and Dumber? He clearly needs to watch more movies

    39. lee-marie k.

      asexuals def hate this \ typically / sexually charged pod

    40. Scoota Bron

      Clint eastwood Grande torino

    41. keengKai

      Haven’t been the same since finding out Michael’s age on the flagrant episode

    42. Caden Merithew

      We need more Kyle vids

    43. jotoro culjo


    44. Ivan Hernandez

      They should make an episode where it’s just sock talk

    45. Harry Murph

      Grand tarino is so good

    46. The Coaster Craze

      I need to know why Michael hates Gran Torino lol

    47. Kawehi Mahuiki

      I used to work at a red lobster, three red lobsters actually. Never saw any raw dogging. Did see a proposal. Lame as hell.

    48. SpadeBeatZ

      Aye! We all know Trevor's Dong wears a Cardigan an white crew cut socks

    49. SpadeBeatZ

      Everybody knows the best way to get rid of a dead body is to chop it up and feed it to the Pigs... duhh

    50. LevyLandTV

      Hey, my Aunt's husband came up with the patented formula for Dawn dish soap. Educate yourself on the best dish soap NA, trev! :P

    51. Matt Myers

      I love how much Gabe was a part of this episode

    52. chiquita s

      In Texas you can walk around with a sword if you want AND open carry for guns, we wylin,

    53. Jesus Gonzalez

      All the names you guys flamed are the names of my residents 😂😂, I work in a Skilled Care facility for the elderly.

    54. Megan Ouellette

      I think that y’all should come interview me and the girls in my sorority house at ASU

    55. Scarlet Gutierrez

      This was a nice way to start my morning

    56. Mr Fraster

      can you try to make a when you meet mr beast video

    57. Cee Rae

      “Two fruits and a canary ... One Pluto cougar” 💀

    58. Victoria Graffam


    59. Joshua Robles

      Correction: "Get to the choppa!" is from Predator not Terminator lol

    60. LHelt464

      I have an above ground pool, it’s great for Nebraska because we can put it away in the winter

    61. Good Boy

      This A++++ content

    62. Dylan Lemas

      What does Gabe look like

    63. F.P. Shapes

      I recently started watching Bailey Sarian and she has a video where she calls Michael a toad (she has no idea who he is) 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    64. Jade Sloth

      you and micheal so lit

    65. Jade Sloth


    66. conner rook

      Build a deck around the damn pool you fruitcakes

    67. GuardianK

      if having an above ground pool makes u poor... FUCK idk what i am lol dead?

    68. Nathan Cross

      Dude I noticed that Michael was drinking the monster hydro drink that I drink too. God I love this podcast. I'm hard😂🤣

    69. Faithless Berserker

      I would pay $50 to force Trevor Wallace to watch 2001 a space Odyssey

    70. Austin

      Okay so I’ve been listening for awhile and had not a clue what Michael looked like. So I just imagined that he looked Ben Schwartz, and no I realize that I was wrong, but I’m not sorry.

    71. N M

      There's a guy named Bob Boob from around where I live

    72. Chosen

      trevor is talking about grand torino

    73. Chosen

      yo my civic has 189k still runs like a champ

    74. MAAREZ

      Just bought my vip table.

    75. MAAREZ

      yooooooo my boy is coming to SAN ANTONIO???????? bro I. AM. THERE.

    76. Selena Estrada

      😂 he’s literally so funny

    77. Curtis Carpenter

      This Podcast has so quickly become something I actually watch on a regular basis even though it started as a "this looks totally fucked up i kinda wanna see what they talk about for 1min" ;that was a few months ago now. 😝 i cannot wait to see both of you guys live one day in a show, but im up in Canada near Seattle.. oneday!!!!

    78. J Avains

      Blau is really going through it, we’re here for you bud

      1. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

        Here for u both

    79. J Avains

      Trevor be listening to the Mars Volta

    80. Scotty Ingham

      Gran Torino is the correct movie Trevor.

    81. Matthew Rosa

      I just want to know where Michael watches his porn, how does he find so much of the wild things he watches

      1. Ortega Productions


    82. Nicole Hoskins

      Michael: you mean the soap Trevor: that’s dove

    83. Nicole Hoskins

      I love Michael so much and I never seen his outfits match but it makes him ten times hotter !

    84. Jesus Gonzalez


    85. Spartan Industries Inc.

      Lol 666 likes

    86. RELAX

      I was just talking about red lobster and taking a girl there to my mom today

    87. Saleh Cheema

      1:16:36 Ayo that’s the photoshopped pic 😭

    88. Emigdio Chapa

      why is Michael so based

    89. RylanSZN

      Who ever sees this God loves you

    90. Shakeer

      35:55 My man

    91. Francisco Antonio

      Blusteins like a Bumble profile.

    92. Bobby Peterson

      I’m now going to go by Robert instead

    93. Handstandman Stan

      "You ever seen Mars attacks?" "I hate... you" Clint Eastwood, 100% gun movies John Travoltra

    94. Deen Destruction

      The title

    95. Kent Silva


    96. Gabe C

      You go to the Edward's theatre in camarillo or ventura theatre?


      “Mavis! Where’s my dick?!” 🤣 Not even 5 seconds into the video and I’m already rolling.

    98. Josh Doupe

      Trevor have you seen Casino? It's great you should definitely watch it iff you haven't

    99. Kent Silva

      “Two fruits and a fairy” “One pitch in a baseball diamond” “Two fruits and a canary” “One pluto cougar” -Trevor Wallace

    100. Kent Silva

      I’m literally crying right now at Micheal going “I want that to be my safe word” *Someone choking me* *Micheal not breathing but still speaking* “One flew of the cuckoos nest” then dying laughing. 😭😭😂😂