Salt Bae Your Nut | Stiff Socks Podcast Ep. 110

Trevor Wallace

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    The gang riffs on Michael doing mushrooms for the first time, Trevors downstairs neighbors from hell, and big dongs at the urinal. They also discuss how to tell your man you've banged a BUNCH. Science. Life. Stiff Socks.
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    1. Lasantha Perera44

      Eskimo..stiff socks

    2. Nasheed Edwards

      Me waiting for them to finally talk about the mushrooms them talking about a neighbor that’s pissing Trevor off

    3. Joey Morrison

      Let’s put a hit on Esmeralda

    4. Nathaniel Thompson

      yo I got low reading comprehension and I need to hear an audio book or I won't remember the book at all

    5. conner rook

      For me shrooms were a warm hug of happiness accompanied by waves of high. But Acid is where you practically lose control your emotions and could convince yourself you are 100% going insane buuuuuttt you really need to remember that it’s just the acid and it will go away eventually. Acid is intense. Shrooms are a constant state of happiness

    6. Tyler Smith

      Omg please make this movie review show haha

    7. Tyler Smith

      Omg thank you I needed to hear your mushroom thoughts today. It's been too long since I've eaten some and felt the truth of those thoughts

    8. Tyler Smith

      Sticks are people too!! Homeless tree rights!!!!!

    9. Isaiah Randeria

      hiking, eating tacos in ELAY

    10. Braden LaBrie

      “If I start my day with nirvana I’ll shoot up a school” - Michael

    11. Charles Bukowski

      These kids are funny but very unlived lol I’m trying to hear the podcast in 10 years after these little fools have kicked smack

    12. Mekhi P

      Me who wakes up listening to slipknot 👁👄👁

    13. Mk3 Vr666

      This made me laugh so much and I’m less then 10 minutes in

    14. Ayden Dunaway


    15. Elizabeth Martin

      Instead, use the saying "I gotta pour the water." 🤣🤣

    16. Elizabeth Martin

      Grandma came at him 100, because he stared with 100 loud a$$ ruckus.🤣

    17. apllDgrapllD

      It’s crazy that you do the podcast with Steven strait from Expanse!

    18. A.O. Skurtt

      I like to start my day in the shower w some nascar aloe 🤣🤣

    19. Ruben De Rous

      Best podcast ever.

    20. Avery James

      Having dyslexia, it's super helpful to read while listening to the audio book. If I don't then it's almost impossible for me to read a book.

    21. Creasing Drip40

      Oh my christ i love this so much

    22. Henry the great

      I like how your on yung gravy and baby no money shining on my ex

    23. Brice Phillips

      Lattes are espresso with steamed milk. Cappuccinos are espresso with steamed milk and foam.

    24. R Bee

      Michael seriously struggling over how to spit game to his mom to get pics is, quite frankly, the wildest...Top 3 pods around right now.

    25. R Bee

      Shoehorn is the speculum...rookies.

    26. Luke Jubb


    27. Seth Menard

      When you getting Johnny Sins on the podcast?

    28. Tony B

      Buy XRP on uphold while you still can!

    29. Mikey Calcagno


    30. Matty Elemental Sound LA

      If u want life lessons you guys need to get some DMT and do it the right way

    31. 5 Brian cells In debt

      Y’all are so American in terms of shoes in the house

    32. Bacon Tatum

      I need friends like this

    33. Quinn O'Neill

      This video was entertaining informative and useful

    34. Mike P.

      Can we get another Gabe interview? Just saying. #GabeHive

    35. Tuxedo bird

      Anyone else skip the ad segments?

      1. BrandonReisinger


    36. Matty Elemental Sound LA

      😜 🍄🍄🍄

    37. Charles Matthews

      Im the only one not clapping cheeks out here. 6 years with no clapping 😢

      1. Jacob Grover

        Been 4 years before and that sucked I feel your pain my man

    38. Rahma Ahmed

      why is trevor’s water bottle so large LMFAOOO

    39. Dave 3rdEyeArt

      Atlantis is what they believe to be Where Sardinia is, Between Sicily and Italy, in the Mediterranean

    40. Bradley

      *takes one hour to finish shrooms story*

    41. ellstacker adventures


    42. Sarah Lydia

      The girl who didn’t know how to tell her guy she’s experienced wasn’t anonymous. So the solution is to just make him watch the episode. Thus by the TRANSITIVE PROPERTY she told him 🤪

    43. Lotan

      Shit I might be his downstairs neighbor 😳

    44. Nathaniel McMurray

      This is some big brain shit

    45. Matty Elemental Sound LA

      Life of an upstairs neighbor so funny if you haven't seen it go watch Trevor's video

    46. Han Yolo

      1:09:44 BARS

    47. Jeremy Alger

      CALL ME, YOU WON'T (751)505-8515

    48. G Julian Cantu

      32:50-32:55 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Wilmar Andy Vacaro

      I lost it when they talked about the "Homeless Stick" GotDamn

    50. Wilmar Andy Vacaro

      They should put Stiff Socks On GTA 5 as a podcast radio channel :)

    51. Brian Ordonez

      Please tell me those Nikes are the Nike Blazers mid because if so, those are the hardest shoes to put on!!

    52. PM P

      You can tell by his vocabulary and speech that Trev does not read.

    53. Mr. Soze

      Was I the only one to think the upstairs neighbor video when he told the downstairs neighbor stirh

    54. Just some guy with a Sword

      29:58 man I thought my Ex was the Only one Named Etzel😅

    55. Penn Simonson

      its said such a great guy vapes ;-;

    56. LevyLandTV

      Oh yeah, the "Do you love me" song that Trevor always sings (I've never heard it before) actually played on a video and I heard the actual song for the very first time. I was like... WAIT. TREV SIGNS THIS SHIT ALL THE TIME

    57. Spencer

      Michael, I get it. Everything you said makes sense haha

    58. Landon L

      I would put cotton eye joe on 24 hour loop and say fuck that guy stary square dancing in ya bathroom

    59. Landon L

      Dude i love this podcast lmao

    60. Nikki Krupp

      Listening to this while driving, currently at a red light behind a YARIS It’s fate

      1. Michael_M

        Being on any device typing while behind the wheel is called distracted driving. Doesn’t matter if you’re at a red light. Stay off devices behind the wheel.

    61. Patrick Waterston

      That’s not a drawing of mike behind him that’s Nathan for you

    62. TheRaveWave

      I’ve been listening on Apple podcasts the last couple months and am so happy to come back to the HUfast fam to Trev with the Edward Cullen hair

    63. Darian Blake

      Idk that death metal gets me going in the morning

    64. Niijii Zhoonyah

      I literally took shrooms when I was watching the bbno$ episode

    65. marcusash7

      First time watching Stiff Socks, not disappointed in the slightest! tremendous work boys.

    66. Nathan Cross

      I just got a cat and I understand Trevor's pain! My hands are so scarred

    67. notaclixfanboy

      Trevor do you actually smoke? There was that Zumiez video you made 2 years ago. And you were smoking in it

    68. Sak FPV

      Micheal a few episodes ago: I don't care about the earth man. Micheal after shrooms: this stick is homeless! Stop cutting the trees! Let the squirrels fuck! I fucking love this podcast, I stopped listening to music months ago when I found this podcast. Signed up for Patreon, bought merch. I'm a stiff sock supporter. I hope batman and Robin take some pointers from these two, because trev and Mike are THE dynamic duo.

    69. Soalian FP

      Trevor love your stuff, you elevated the douchebag persona to a truly new level of art in your vids. Speaking of, reminding me of the WSB frenzy now, what about a vid about the same flashy idiots I used to see out there, pre-dot com bubble, or pre 2008 subprime crisis crash, think flashy camaros, terrible sense of fashion/music, sleazy snake oil mlm peddlers, my-mom-went-in-now-she-owns-a-boat-you-should-get-in-too-bro type of guys, I encountered IRL (I'm 36 now). They almost sold me on a digital nomad scam back then (Pre-Madoff), but before that you were getting richer by the day with equity, friends' properties were piling up everywhere, was even shamed for not going all into it back then, crazy stuff.

    70. ScobraCommander

      Hot mom talk then an add about blue chew. What's really going on here

    71. noble

      micheal franco, the long lost franco brother😊

    72. Rayleann Leffall

      1:20:38 not me watching this the trying to go to sleep after a long ass volleyball game that was on the other side of the state

      1. Masosoup52

        Well how did the game go big guy?? You can’t just leave us on a cliff hanger like that.

    73. Branden •

      In high school I liked hearing metal in the morning. But now in my mid 20s, hearing anything with distorted guitar in the morning makes me want to punch a wall.

      1. Mr. Remplisseur

        Im in middle school and Slipknot isn't music its lifestyle baby🎶❤️

    74. Ethan Charles

      she said you’re dick doesn’t gotta be big to feel big do with this info what you must

    75. Brian Hronek

      That bit about the bladder is gold

    76. Ass Ass

      Did mushrooms with my dad for the first time the other day, was a good time, highly recommend

    77. iLLUMINATi EST1

      Favorite pod cast by far

      1. YoRylan

        @Milkman bro jus caught someone play a game and you get pressed sad

      2. Milkman

        Get outta here fortnite kid

    78. Haven Wisner

      Serious Micheal is my favorite

    79. Logan Scott

      This podcast is so cringe

      1. R Bee

        It's by design, meaning they are good at their craft.

      2. Chance Murdock

        bro f*ck you

    80. Matthew McMahon

      Yinz definitely do cocaine no cap

    81. Olivia Edwards

      Reading is outdated

    82. Good Old Dantae

      i sitting here listening to the podcast w my robe on while yall go in on. this is the least important and most stupid complain ever, but some ppl wear robes bc they're warm and cozy. but not outside. that's where it becomes suspect

      1. Trill 3s

        @⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ take a joke

      2. Good Old Dantae

        @⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ i mean its just a bit. thats why i didn't actually care at all. i was goofin

    83. Peter A

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      1. & E


    84. Good Old Dantae

      its cum-butcha

    85. Christian Perdomo

      Ily guys

    86. Seddy Derek

      Trevor shut up & let Michael tell the story.

    87. Aidan Albury

      Bro I live in the Bahamas

    88. SonDimz

      Can’t wait till you guys get married and never get blown again lol

    89. gorillabiscuits

      dont forget to salt bae the desktop

    90. instagram daltonnelson123

      I’m weeping to this

    91. Ghostee

      The black spot at the bottom right of the poster is making me go insane

      1. Nino Amato

        @& E yea simple

      2. & E

        @Nino Amato they aren't you guys all have a black spot on your screen in the same place. Simple.

      3. Nino Amato

        @& E 3 other people in this comment thread alone have noticed it i dont think we all universally are imagining a black spot on tbe banner

      4. & E

        @Nino Amato no your trippin

      5. Nino Amato

        @& E nope check the bottom right its a little higher

    92. Matthew McMahon

      Trevor is crossing his arms looks a little uncomfortable

    93. Master Havoc

      I look forward to your videos...Thanks for breaking up a dark time with some funny shit!

    94. Jacob Downey

      You have got to make a 10 minute highlights video

    95. Kurtis Barker

      If you drop shrooms on Patreon ... congratulations, you just got a new top tier subscriber 😂

    96. gorillabiscuits

      key lime pie is dank fire

    97. Ian

      why does trevor act like such a douche, is it a character

    98. Hayden Hess

      “Why do you think I like feet? Bitch, I got CTE in the womb”

    99. Olen Skafte


    100. impinkiepi uwu

      Whoop I surprised myself again