the guy who did 1 night in jail

Trevor Wallace

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    why is this every guy in the movies who got bailed out of jail.
    filmed by @Ryan The Leader
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    1. Trevor Wallace


      1. Caden Guidry


      2. Caden Guidry


      3. Amit Prasad

        Arent you supposed to convert to Islam?

      4. duals mcgee

        Bruh that card of the girlfriend......y'all just pass her around??? I recognize that lol. Also ugh florida on the weekend I left?! Had I known I'd have said fuck orlando.

      5. Jonathan Martin

        Holy sh*t, I was in Florida at the time you were performing! I wish I had gone, but I hadn’t found your awesome channel yet

    2. Enternal Koto

      I love this guy

    3. Phoenix Rada

      He: im jewish Me: nazi noises intencifies

    4. Cruz

      If you cant shit infront people then you cant be shit infront People

    5. Teroshi RBLX

      i remember mr.beast

    6. Aiden Fisher

      Went to jail for stealing extra small condoms

    7. fire wing

      No one: My brother: doing the shit this man did.

    8. Nate Mothafucka

      DUDE WTFFFFF I HAVE THAT TATTOO I SWEAR but its real and its bigger lmao

    9. Positivity Family

      Nle CHOPPA Be Like:

    10. Aleks Nunez

      Nle choppa

    11. Samuel Harrison

      None of it was funny except the "did she get locked up too?" I fuckin died lmfao

    12. The three memer Tears

      Feels like escapist but it’s the tutorial

    13. Boen B

      I was in jail for a night one time. Came out a whole new man

    14. Kim Jay

      “I picked up smoking while I was in there too” ..”That’s a match”..”I’m a man of God now”..😂 gets me everytime lol

    15. Faith Rogers

      Please do "Walmart Monitors at Self-Checkout".

    16. Pezmeisterhero

      strelitzia reginae

    17. nick_ninj

      mr beast watching this

    18. Tyler Neal

      You should have done something about spreads lol

    19. Tyler Neal

      I'm in a halfway house right now. I'm not gonna lie that shit is so real.

    20. ProjectfullCurcit

      As someone who has spent only one day in jail. You do feel a sense of freedom and appreciation for normal ass shit even though it was one day lol

    21. Anonymous Me

      I'm dramatic this would definitely be me 😹😹

    22. Joe The Turtle

      Why does he look like Walmart Tom Holland

    23. Glaive

      If black guy shot the same kind of video that would be a totally different story might actually get arrested and charged with double murder while riding a tank and stealing the monalisa

    24. Heather Warren

      Awe man I was visiting my family in wpb at that time...I'm from west palm. How'd you like it?.

    25. Kim Pan


    26. Andrew Jack

      Damn, rob, Ryan, and cherdleys commented. Living legends

    27. Abdulrhman Al-shikh

      he looks like owen gray

    28. Kortney

      John 3:16 that was actually my cell mate LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    29. MC PRO

      theres a place called prison and a place called jail HE WENT TO FUCKING JAIL NOT PRISON

    30. Legendarynfoknights

      "Nope. It's the exact same." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Nick BAHh

    32. William Torres

      My cousin

    33. 1000 IQ Fortnite Clips

      Trevor, can you do like a.. when you are one minute late at school? And like be the teacher. It'd be fun to watch!

    34. OG PICKLE

      nle choppa be like:

    35. iLL aLf

      Imagine being sentenced to years, being in county waiting to go upstate and having people like this coming in for a night or 2 acting just like this inside though.

    36. hanzo plschange

      Wait, It's that Simp's voice

    37. shawn t

      A blinkie not a knife haha

    38. Jesse Skinner_yt26

      The first thing he noticed when he walked in the door was a skateboard

    39. Giovany Ospina

      " i quit im a man of the lord"

    40. Reddblue

      The one that acts like they missed 50 years of technological advancement 🤣

    41. Maximum Vejnar

      That was my cousin

    42. Sp66ky Capalot

      Nobody:??? Nle choppa:

    43. Bert Chintus

      I want to use "meals" as a measurement of time increments from now on. Yea, I'm going on vacation to Hawaii for 21 meals

    44. alfred george

      its a belt yea they got me buckled up 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Natsùò•先輩

      This stuff is true bro my nigga went in jail he did the same damn thin

    46. BDE compa


    47. Rodriguez Boys

      Bruhhh go to 3.38

    48. Daniel Vazquez

      This how Aaron carter felt when he got out haha

    49. Bananas _

      Literally Sssniperwolf.

    50. Thyron Curacho

      i've been to jail... it was school

    51. Kaylei Davis

      This feels accurate

    52. River C.

      I have that same lamp in his room😂

    53. ley roy

      "My phone still charging, 47%" Lol felt that

    54. Lord Lucius

      *gone a day* “Dude my phone is still charging 47 percent!” Relatable and it hurts.



    56. Lt Lysander

      47% 😂😂😂😂

    57. Ans Hakim

      Trevor is the only HUfastr who can made me laugh with just watching the first 5 seconds and read the title

    58. KC ROACH

      Quiet accurate

    59. Summer Wantuch

      Lol same

    60. JRD

      1:52 LMAO only 47% dammit apple

    61. RockingBasket88

      Aka NBA Young boy

    62. Claire Lee

      Ive never been to US. Can anyone tell me if Americans really be proud of being in jail????

    63. David Banner

      It makes me happy knowing that’s Ryan. What a leader.

    64. Millard Burch

      Lol 🧡

    65. tailedgates9

      One. Night. X'D

    66. Layal Alawi


    67. Layal Alawi


    68. FPSavant The only

      Why does the thumbnail be looking like Dr.Evil

    69. Jared Glasgow

      literally NLE CHOPPA

    70. Moses maki

      he def has an android if it's still 47%

      1. Whakitome

        An android takes like 20 minutes max to fully charge, bullshit. Iphones charge hella slow though, damn things take like 4 hours to get to 100

    71. Naij_

      NLE Choppa basically

    72. Tanner Henry

      “Yeah I converted, couldn’t get a Torah in prison” has me dead lmao

    73. beatzoid

      Phone charging 47%😂

    74. C M

      It’s crazy because when people do a night in jail they want to pretend like they did 5 years and think it’s cool, but when you do 5 years you know it’s embarrassing and don’t want anyone to know

    75. jdc1957


    76. seagullwithaphone

      *casually converts religion in less than one day* why is the bible pink?

    77. shane

      Now let’s go to the comments and read people quoting everything he said in the video, people like doing that for some weird reason as if we didn’t just watch it.

    78. Zachary Wald

      “It looks so different” “It’s the exact same”

    79. vanillab

      This is is Jeff from volts quad lol

    80. Sumeet Bhatt

      Do a "lived in New York City for a week and came back to his small town" guy.

    81. Cameron

      Totally me lol

    82. Jonathan Kreamer

      I was fine until he cut that in-N-out Burger, complete sacrilege

    83. Aquinsu Ocha

      Yes this is my homeboy Josh. He did 2 months in Harris County and he came out acting so hard. Lol.

    84. jay's life12

      Why am I just now finding him!?!? Dude funny afff🤣🤣

    85. Bryan M.

      Wow I swear all his videos are to spite me. I literally tell everyone I was in a chain gang for spending 9hrs in jail lol

    86. Rijul k

      My dad went to prison for 2 days .......and it's soo relatable 😂

    87. Jay


    88. Jai H

      John 3:16 that was my cell mate 😂😂😂

    89. EdirtyV

      When you get back from deployment

    90. Albinopidgeon

      My uncle went to jail twice for weed and slashing a cops tires and every time I go somewhere with him he has to mention he was in jail for two nights total

    91. Young Anthony

      had to sub fast

    92. Hexay

      the guy that went to boarding school for 12 weeks straight

    93. Stella Kim

      this is the height of white privilege

    94. Gerardo Hernandez-Navarro [Chaparral HS]

      The call girl card!!!! LOL

    95. Mithil Agrawal


    96. quadraa

      this is so NLE CHOPPA . only go for 1 night and making song first day out LMAO ! !

    97. DOPEST TV

      Top notch comedy

    98. frossassin213

      I don't even think he was in jail probably just holding for the night with all the drunks. Oh I guessed the ending.

    99. Julius Lazarof

      nobody: nle choppa

    100. Twar TV

      moon tattoo😂👌🏼