the guy who pitched 'omegle'

Trevor Wallace

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    let's be real. NO WAY this website went how they thought it would lolol.
    and go listen to my and @Michael Blaustein's podcast, @Stiff Socks Podcast. Every Wednesday.
    more shorts and TikToks on my 2nd channel @Wrevor Tallace
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    1. Lord Lucius

      Been a while since I heard of pedophile central, is omegle still even around?

    2. Joey Trimble

      Lmfao my self esteem is to blown for omegle

    3. PRAMILA

      I'm sorry but isn't he ( black t-shirt) the guy from all those " how to kiss " videos

    4. Autumn

      I actually like dick pics. It isn't "ludicrous" unless you think the same of women who post pictures of their privates. Let people enjoy things.

    5. Ilana Margalit

      That was great

    6. Jello Talks

      "Isn't that just Chat Roulette?"

    7. Frank Summer

      I’m convinced Omegle is ran by pedophiles

    8. Layal Alawi


    9. Ponder With Me

      “Good for him”

    10. Nini Revelado

      I use Omegle in the LATAM servers and when you go to cams that's straight up all you see guys beating the leaving hell out their slim jims

    11. Cupcake Monster

      So true 😂

    12. Matthew Moriarty


    13. ShakyCurve

      The ad was abt as long as the video

    14. 12. Hukla Anugraha

      if marco reus try to be a comedian

    15. Rosemary

      I love the sketches with Michael

    16. James Clingmon

      What up DJ Crap My Pants

    17. hankerchief

      Whole lota d not a lota v

    18. Stupid_Freshman 6606

      I was legit eating a slim jim while watching this.

    19. Lucas Tupo

      Can you do ‘ watches Stanley tucci searching for Italy once’

    20. Jerm

      Dude it's just overweight redditors jerkin off in to milk bottles like dude it's not even hot

    21. K3NZ1E


    22. Diddy Sh

      I think this is gonna get lost in the comments, but damn Michael! That chin and jaw; you working out?

    23. I_Enjoyed_CodGhost

      I dont know what it is but, when I see her name followed by a text at the top of my phone screen I get so excited and nervous at the same time. Why? I have no idea. I get a huge boost of dopamine when I see that she text me. Any text from her makes me feel motionless, like im swimming in an ocean of the universe. Weird I know but I wish I could feel like that all the time. Shes so different which is something im sure a lot of guys say about girls but, its true. She's got this like emo style going for her and I love it. The way she dresses is so unique and has so much personality. I really like looking into her eyes and admiring her makeup, the small pieces of glitter around her eyes from her makeup stick out to me, but nothing sticks out more than her eyes. One thing I always look for in a girl is her eyes, you can always see pure beauty in someone's eyes based on your perception of them. Anyone can have beauty in their eyes if you like them, but she has something permanent. I know im not the only one that sees it. Maybe others are too afraid to tell her she has very pretty eyes, I dont know. Do I like her? Yes. Will this go anywhere? To tell you the truth I'm really not sure. I have a hard time talking to her one on one, I get so nervous around girls that I like. Yet that doesn't seem to matter because after we hung out on Friday and I thought I botched it by being awkward she wanted to hangout again the next day! She even said her parents liked me as well as her friend!?!? I mean WHAT!? How?! The next day which was Saturday went a lot smoother. I listened to my dad and didn't think about the fact that I liked her or thought she was pretty I was just myself and it worked! I played Littlest Petshop with her, her little sister and her friend. I know its not ideal but it was actually fun! We all made up our characters names and had this sacrificial type thing kinda like Survivor with people getting voted off. Then, I ate dinner and played uno with her, her friend and her family. Overall I had a very enjoyable time. Being with people I dont know yet laughing and conversating is one of the most enjoyable things I've ever experienced. Today being Sunday she didn't text me at all. I wanted to try something different. I'm not gonna text her, if she truly likes me then she'll text first. Maybe its stupid of me to think like that but so far she's been texting first. Anyways it was like 10:50pm I think when she text me saying "Btw you're walking with me in the morning Sleep well loser :)" I wasnt expecting that but when I saw it I felt motionless and my heart started beating, I got butterflies!! So I responded fairly quickly saying "Okay loser, hope you have a somewhat bad dream :)". Smooth I know. She then says "Ugh you tooo". At this point I'm in a circle of emotions and have no idea how to get out, but the thing is I dont want out. Like I said earlier I wanna feel like this all the time but I dont think thats possible, or, maybe it is? Is it love? No I really don't think it is, too soon to say. Does she like me? Ya know, I dont know. Its hard to say nowadays with how people are. Maybe she's just being nice and friendly and really does just wanna be friends. Would I be bummed out? Absolutely but, I can't control who she likes so I'll pick myself up and move on. That will leave me wondering if girls know that they're giving us false hope by being too kind and somewhat flirty. I remember when I was in 7th grade and every girl liked me, even some 8th graders. Yeah I dont mean to brag or anything but I was kind of a big deal. I'm kidding!! No but really a lot of girls liked me and it was easier to tell if they liked me or not. Im now a sophomore in high-school and have a hard time telling whether or not a girl likes me so I dont really act on it. I keep to myself as well as my friends and go to the gym, do my school work(well sometimes), and spend plenty of time with my family. However I want that same feeling I had in middle school, waking up and seeing that special text from that special girl. I miss that feeling. I'm sure we all do....

    24. Rishab Bantiya

      I want a video titled " guys who watch Trevor Wallace"

    25. Sam Guy

      “Good for him”

    26. geezyX 333

      Good for him😂😂😂

    27. R0bO

      Its the way I didnt even see the title but automatically thought omegle

    28. kasen hines

      I was waiting for it lmao and I was right and glad all at the same time 😂😂😂

    29. NO DATA

      That's a lot of dicks (lot of dicks)

    30. BeachJedi101

      Chat Roulette was all dicks too.

    31. Tom Delisle

      Short, to the point, and very funny. The best kind of humor.

    32. Eray456

      Good for him💪

    33. GASGANGTV91

      Don't let this distract you from the fact that I have the best farts on HUfast

    34. King Kong T

      let's be more real, this website was designed for those fools.

    35. sean

      Trevor im so sorry i had to dislike the video so it would say 69 😔😔

    36. cakesoncups

      wait the other guy is so cute I need a name and address

    37. puper man

      George is typing...

    38. jupiter


    39. FunnyEds

      You are a smart guy, I bet if you would sit down, spend a little bit more time, even though it might be a little more stressful, and come up with hilariously good stuff

    40. Jason Apex




    42. Ænima Of Spirit

      There is more dicks on Omegle then actual people.

    43. General_Mat

      No guide line I have been ban 2 times for playing five finger fillet

    44. cool stuff gaming

      Pls dont turn into a shorts channel

    45. Yes Frog

      I think this is the wrong channel

    46. CHockey21

      ive seen some weird shit on omegle

    47. Side Talk South

      Why is it vertical

    48. Obi Hobi

      It’s so true though

    49. Raven Marin

      I was on Omegle 5 min ago lmao!

    50. Beanieboi13

      when it doesnt fit onto a screen that's how you know its too big

    51. madllama111

      Mistakes have been made! - Omegle's slogan

    52. Mohamed

      Wonder what the devs were thinking when they were making this

    53. Dirty Dish

      I thought chat roulette had already been done.

    54. Danny.,

      Lmao 😂😂

    55. it_gage

      “Good for him”

    56. UmbasaMufasa

      Its amazing they can have a conversation while looking in the same direction...

    57. Laura Holtz

      Chatroulette but in 2021

    58. Miles hardin

      they say they have guidelines but nah

    59. Brandon Thompson

      “Good for him” *call back* 😭

    60. Itss_Craig


    61. AD

      I found my ex on omegle we were together for 5 years and then she had a meltdown and fucked every single male friend she had. Good times.

    62. Excrement Gaming

      i got banned on omegle for spamming the people who were like "IM LONELY WATCH ME J-O"

    63. Bailey Jackson

      *good for him*

    64. Jong-Jong Speaks

      What were they even thinking?

    65. LTAC turn1

      he didn't finish the title -The who created omegale... was on drugs

    66. Jackeronie

      M you?

    67. Mr Potential

      'Good for him"

    68. Gage Towler

      I love when they basically take like what could have been like a short conversation from their podcast or what not and make a skit to bring their idea to life cause this content seems fun to film and it’s enjoyable Props boys :p ❤️ I hope you find what’s fun

    69. chill bro

      Yo this is the guy from the old howcast kissing vids lmaooo

    70. Andrew Falk

      I love seeing more Michael in the videos now, it’s like stiff socks but One minuets sketches

    71. Ballstompd

      My friend just meet you in hawaii like 30 minutes ago ahhaha

    72. dmsanct

      i love the thought of the omegle staff having endless meetings over the "dicks problem" on their web and years after, still not being able to fix it without ruining the page

    73. Satya Sankalp

      It started out with chatroulette ain't it? I am really surprised Omegle is still up and running. Thought the interest would die down in a few years. Also, fuck every horny individual over there.

    74. ClapyDanny 5

      When I see socks but replace the s with a c, I don’t even get mad I’m seeing it, I’m mad that it’s bigger then mine.

    75. Natasha Tapia

      I met some of my friends on there LOL

    76. Calvin Kitching

      Get Michael in the vids more

    77. Eric Champlin

      Oh-meh-gle? I've always called it Oh-mee-gle

    78. Joey Altieri

      Haha shorts

    79. Asad Ali

      He's Gavin Belson, guys!

    80. Eddy Leonardo

      Michael is looking the screen so hard that he seems photoshoped

    81. David Ronuckeo

      PLZ DO 2 OF THESE A WEEK or have quick minute in stiff socks where you preview a little bit of the short. or you can make a short vid like this that links to a bigger video that comes out the next day plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    82. Basically ItsCypher

      all I see is fucking human intercourse, no human interaction at all anymore....

    83. Reptar, King Of the O-zone

      what in the locked to portrait mode is this monstrosity

    84. Luciana Vassago


    85. Kyle Condra

      Wrever Tallace

    86. Almspo CS:GO


    87. Kuru Krysiak

      Michael looks like he’s getting a Roth IRA next week


      Gotta get Trevor on joe rogan podcast

    89. been Droppin

      STIFF BOYS doing sketches now, I love it

    90. Ben Brenkwitz

      I feel like this was inspired by a Workaholics episode... Am I right Trevor?

    91. Return3

      bruh lol. nice lol.

    92. Master and Expert

      These people look like the guys from the stiff socks pod

    93. Stephen Cook

      Video idea Cat owners vs dog owners

    94. Ballin on a Budget

      I like seeing you two do skits together

    95. Trav-trav 1718

      The good for him was me

    96. Beau Dillon


    97. Jeneca Laplant

      Too many disks 😆

    98. D'angelo JacobHymenShits

      I've only seen 5 women actually show their hoohas willingly. They were actually very nice people

      1. Harold

        You were a lucky man.

    99. Declan J

      Love seeing Michael in more sketches! Nice work guys.

    100. yakone 1600

      i would go on omegle and i want to but im afraid ima run into sum weird and nasty shit

      1. metalcory95

        You will, so don't.