the kid from your high school who got into real estate

Trevor Wallace

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    i think we all still follow this kid on instagram just for the entertainment tbh...
    and if you are in real estate... HOW'S IT FEEL MAKING MORE MONEY THAN ALL OF US.
    *cries in one bedroom apartment*
    filmed by @Ryan The Leader
    thank you to The Maimon Group for renting us this house! themaimongroup_
    check them out for listings/bookings at:
    follow my 2nd channel :) !
    if ur still reading this, go comment "is this R E A L"

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    1. Trevor Wallace

      YOOO follow my 2nd channel for vlogs and tiktok spam posts lol:

      1. Princeton Thaddeus

        @Kace Malcolm checking it out now. Seems good so far :)

      2. Kace Malcolm

        Dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPwn. Just google for it enjoy!

      3. NukkifyFN

        Patio : place to smoke weed , lmao I am dying

      4. A B

        You got it breh

      5. Eric M

        how do you get your camera to zoom like that?

    2. Ace Scudder

      “That’s monopoly” “no” thst shit killed me

    3. Drew Melman-Rogers

      Kinda sick house tho

    4. Crupt

      Actually the housing market is extremely lucrative right now and the demand for houses is the highest it's been in decades

    5. baryalon22

      It's free real estate

    6. Syeda Monuwara

      It's free real estate 👌

    7. Leon Zhang

      if this was in Seattle, even this guy could close a deal in 2 days with any house lol that's how hot the market is

      1. The Censored Muscle

        More like that's how stupid people who look for houses in Seattle are.

    8. Evan Rieux

      My neighbors just sold there house and they got 100k over the original asking price

    9. Damion Derby

      He had one viewer on his live,lol

    10. Ethan St. John

      Background music?

    11. Joachim Sölva

      Your videos are funny and 40% too long most of the time

    12. S. Chang

      how did he get into Franklin's house?

    13. v4nad1um

      This house looks like franklin's house in gta

    14. Oerlikon20mm

      I’ll sell you full brown collection for Boardwalk

    15. Summer

      "Like the city" makes me laugh harder then it should skdfnkjsdfn.

    16. Pigomatic

      is that franklin from gta 5s house

    17. 81パーフ

      When he said Zillow who was he referring to?? Can someone tell me

    18. sebastian christou

      That’s literally Franklins house entrance from GTA 5

    19. zoran kiza

      I wouldn't be surprised if Maxwell real estate hired him him in high school if you catch my drift.

    20. Tyler Martin

      Patio..another word for a place to smoke weed

    21. Ball Pythons are da best

      “That’s monopoly” “No?”

    22. Video Game Classics

      Did someone say Baltic Avenue?

    23. SpecAgent_X

      "You don't wait to get real estate if its in your fate." Remember that

    24. Alexander Wayne

      Do one about the high school sweet hearts that broke up in college.

    25. Tom Bob

      I sold Real Estate for 5 years. I invited a tinder chick to an open house. Nobody else was at the open house. So this chick and me ended up fucking on the couch. The guy who’s home was for sale had a hidden camera in the front living room. He told the listing agent, who told my broker and then my broker reported the incident to the BRE. I had the chance to defend myself, but I spoke with an attorney at the BRE and he suggested that I surrender my license, this gives me a chance to apply to get a real estate license again. During this litigation I told the girl I hooked up with what was happening, I needed someone to talk to. This chick didn’t care at all, I never had her real number, just texted her on snap, she ended up blocking me. I drank my life away for about a year. I mow lawns now. What did I learn? Don’t bang in a house that looks like it can afford hidden cameras. Also, the only person who can put ur chin down is you. Life goes on or it doesn’t, the choice is yours.

    26. Sohail Khan

      "So tomorrow... No toilet" bro I have been laughing for past 1 hour now🤣

    27. Ninqi Stratton

      Dang, Shoutout to the original 4lokos

    28. Charles Escat

      You should do you in a video, the guy from your high school who started a HUfast channel haha

    29. Drew O’Donnell

      Well now I’m quitting. Thanks Trevor!

    30. skjaldulfr

      What about the kid from high school who got into Youtubing?

    31. Ani Yeats

      I know so many people like this lol

    32. Anurag Annam

      the price really do be accurate tho, like in cali we sellin 1000 square feet homes for 10 million dollars

    33. Jack Horseman

      They’re like walmart because they never close

    34. Gianni

      3:28 😂

    35. Charlie Ryder

      I really hope to see your Netflix special someday. Do you do standup?

    36. 6773

      is this R E A L

    37. chocolat360

      bruh I died at 5:23 when he said dude what are you allergic to shutting the fuck up?

    38. black AF1's

      Lol got a Zillow ad before this

    39. DasDestomic

      don't say the h-word.

    40. firsthandaccount


    41. Jason Weaver

      Blockbuster is a pretty dope name for a sales person.

    42. Andre Billups

      Not Deals closed: 0 🤣🤣😂😂😭

    43. josh7120

      "I've closed more deals... than suburban moms" hahahaha!!!

    44. Greg Does Comedy

      lmfao the emphasis on the "drone" shot. These fuckers are obsessed with drones, they think theyre fucking michael bay.

    45. que

      “what are you allergic to 😭”

    46. Gilles De Clerck

      waiting for "kid from your high school who got into MLM schemes"

    47. Bradley Pappas

      Yo this looks like Franklins house from GTA

    48. Quinn S

      lol this is your best one.

    49. Zara Goel

      Live - 1 😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Anubhav chopra

      Why does this look so much like franklins house

    51. Moises Villasenor

      That virtual got me dead

    52. Raden Adam

      Is that house for sale??? I think I'm convinced

    53. Nicholas Mikesell

      Is this R E A L

    54. thatlowrankedguy

      Wrong where I am living people are biding $50,000-$200,000 over asking price and they are paying it automatically with no loan

    55. Marian Anghel

      This is how I imagine Graham Stephan was in his teens

    56. bz.27k uno

      This reminds me of the time me and my guy were living at his house which was at the time up for sale, one day we woke up after a drug fuelled party and find some dude from our old school hosting a viewing of the property 😂😂😂😂

    57. Cr4ckGG Gaming

      ,,Why is no one buyin houses ?!" , ,,U mean estate?" . ,,U shut de fuq up" :DD

    58. Forbes400

      Estate sale and Real Estate sale are two completely different things 😂😂

    59. Alec Lally

      Thank you bc I know several people who went this route.

    60. David

      the post mate scene was gold lol

    61. Panic Rabbit

      It's about what's real, and at stake

    62. Parker Sorensen

      If that’s the first home he invested him I think he’s already fine🤣🤣🤣

    63. HLGpanda

      The house shoes did it for me. Yes! It was funny everywhere else, but those damn house shoes w/ the ankles showing..... I just lost it man lol

    64. Nure Alam Dipu

      3:42 LMAO😂😂😂

    65. Pete Gabittas


    66. Cody Hendricks

      This kid really got picked on bad when he was younger.

    67. BlubberMuffnMan

      lmaoooo, this but with their bakery business with mediocre baked cookies

    68. Gage Bachman

      “These are the stairs, their used for stairs”

    69. Jason Poops

      Too true..

    70. Leonna Mayes

      The inquisitive beggar incidentally whistle because gram infrequently whistle before a spotless caterpillar. offbeat, malicious bongo

    71. Joe Blow


    72. mr blu

      6:08 why are you ronning

    73. Swiss_ EXO



      Trevor my man !!! Where did you got the background music from !? It’s dope!

    75. Cameron Page

      "I'm trying to think of incentives." "Bitches?" "We have bitches!" I lost it there.

    76. Kobedagoat 824

      Is that Franklin house🤣

    77. dhackdaddymac

      He closes houses like he closes movie auditions.

    78. Wesley Scott

      The shivering stepson anecdotally breathe because scorpio kelly talk mid a horrible law. thoughtful, awful case

    79. Jake Becker

      This sounds personal

    80. shreddednerves

      Trev wtf I can't skip these stupid real estate ads.... Oh wait 📈stonks

    81. Daniel Chacon

      Hahah this guy is so smart

    82. Gabriel Gonzalez

      Plot twist-His one viewer is Elon Musk.

    83. Jeffrey Moscardelli

      This is the patio also known as place to smoke weed😄😁😄

    84. The Juiceinator

      Bro I love when he just looks at the camera guy and says "Shut the fuck up"

    85. Aspade

      Literally the entire comment section: "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥"

    86. Martin Lusco

      This guy looks like a millionaire who was once a billionaire

    87. Lelem

      i would cop

    88. yoaspire

      Phil Dumphy been real quiet since this one dropped

    89. Azim Kaamran

      4:18 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    90. luna love

      'that's monopoly' 'NO'

    91. josiah currier

      Literally had a guy talking about flipping houses before this in an ad...

    92. Carl's Jr.

      Sierra mist and the sims at 4 am lmao wtf hahahaha

    93. TRaIT0rZ

      These are stairs......they are used for stairs.

    94. Trench Coat Gang

      Lmao 😂

    95. Mike stl

      Is this r e a l

      1. Mike stl

        @Matt Balls read the description

      2. Matt Balls

        what does that even mean

    96. playguy200

      They call me blockbuster coz im always closing😂😂😂👌

    97. Brianna Danielle Hams

      How one man can portray so many douchebags is beyond me.... I suppose that’s what makes him so funny.

    98. Irvin Rodriguez

      The Mendocino Farms plug at the end! Classic. Their couscous is straight up crack.

    99. steven Hoff

      Ryan being snarky again