the kid who brought McDonalds to school

Trevor Wallace

1,5 M megtekintés99

    lets be McFrickin real, this was the biggest flex on ANY school campus.
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    if ur still reading this, go comment "mcfrickin flex"

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    1. eating bugs is my favorite Pastime

      This was so true in elementary lol

    2. Vam2005

      Where the teacher 😂😂

    3. Custombotto

      its all fun in games until the kid comes back with dominos

    4. Gaming With Lenbot

      I like how the rich kid always has McDonald’s even tho that’s like the cheapest, crappiest meal a person can buy

    5. Jason Voorhees

      Didn’t happy meals used to come with gogurts?

    6. Goose 100

      lol chik-fil-a aint that great

    7. valentin calderon

      I would take Subway or Super Nachos to school.

    8. Sulthan Alam


    9. Cooper Diaz

      ayo this shit sound like gamestop

    10. Chroma

      my names gavin wtf

    11. Rainbow Paw

      So true

    12. Rmageddon PG3D

      Everybody gangsta until till the ChikFilA kid shows up

    13. Flawless

      Everyone knows who that kid is dont lie lol

    14. Alberto Estrada

      When you realize that foods probably cold af and the flurry was drink

    15. Asher Johnson

      If anyone is confused why he said tats funny because yesterday was sunday well Chick Fil A is closed on sundays

    16. tum tummy

      This is so true

    17. Kyle Womack

      I bring Braum’s But I DO NOT DO THIS.

    18. mdhcccc

      Everyone just has they lunches on the table for some reason

    19. Thomas McDermott


    20. Crew Tucker


    21. Matthew Bourke

      bro so true

    22. 0123four

    23. [insert name here]

      There’s a fine line between making a joke and milking it dry Trevor snorted that line

    24. A N U B I S

      You’re not funny.

      1. yes no maybe

        I can't hear you over the crispyness 😩

    25. Jānis Dūrītis

      I lost 14k in GME BUT STILL GOING STRONG

    26. Cadence

      This slapped harder than Dharrmann videos

    27. Sliver Bullet

      Get ur mc fucking eye out of mcfuckingfries

    28. Ph0enix_ itzzack

      Dude I’m 12😂

    29. andrei tarkovsky

      were they entering..through a closet?

    30. Heyab Hagos


    31. CCrumsy


    32. Clayton CHUNG

      If he is around poor people why is he in the same school with them

    33. Mr. Blue

      Everybody's gangsta till the kid with the lunch who was made by his mom enters the room

    34. Amariss Harris

      Bada ba ba bah! I'm fucking rich! 😩😂 GTFOH

    35. Play Time

      that twist

    36. Andrew Unsworth

      Babapaap I'm fucking rich you da fuck🤣🤣🤣

    37. weaponized battle toaster

      plot twist: a kid with in-n-out walks in

    38. Squig


    39. Billy Johnson

      There is always a richer person

    40. Ready Cake

      I have greenwich

    41. YAMIIE -X

      A 15 year old boy named Gavin making fun of a 12 year old because he doesn’t have a job while he eats McDonald’s that costs less than $15

    42. Asher Johnson

      Acruallt accurate kids who have fast food at school brag

    43. Aslam Abdelgawad

      1:12 I have not seen such a creative yet ruthless insult, ever! 😂

    44. Geoffe

      I've got a friend who brings fastfood every day

    45. UnjustlyRuler

      How bout you go gurt a job

    46. dynasty

      He looks like tom holland

    47. Teroshi RBLX

      pArapA pApA I'm FukINg rICH

    48. Gabe

      The ending was a final Boss reveal

    49. Arden_streaming

      Can we just take a moment to say he ate 3 FUCKING BAGS OF FRIES

    50. シRyder

      As someone with a friend mother’s bothers cousins dogs brothers sisters owner of that dog with a sisters mother’s friend that does this I can confirm

    51. Frost

      i remember we werent allowed to bring mcdonalds to LUNCH because it was taking "business" from the lunch line smh

    52. hollyobaby

      Ugh. Luckyyy

    53. TheBadBacon

      the fact i acted like that when i got dunkin because i forgot my lunch (The one with the chicy filly ay)

    54. Untamed Rogue

      The fries aren't even crispy...

    55. bluepeng889

      Kid who brought In N Out: *sighs* fucking amateurs

    56. thE PeRsOn 4 years ago

      Is Trevor Wallace the new Brandon Rogers?

    57. Blitz_Officiał

      Yo gogurts slap thooo

    58. CallMeEnrico

      how i feel when im the first to flip the test:

    59. CrimmyBoy


    60. Thannos Mommy

      Bum bum bum bum I’m fucking rich lol hahaha

    61. URI JAH

      2:34 to 2:38 LMAOI

    62. Banaco Derick

      I remember this kind of classmate, when we punch him in the face.

    63. naveen awesomesky

      Lol.. they forget there is ALWAYS a bigger fish😆

    64. ssj9k Anderwtime

      bada ba ba im fuckin rich

    65. Coolz Gaming

      I lost it when the weird kid said "Can i smell your fingers?"

    66. Los Santos international airport

      Bro Mcdonalds frys are so crispy and floppy at the same time

    67. Isaiah Jones

      Badabadaba I’m fucking rich 😂

    68. C0IN

      Accurate really accurate

    69. larina

      I has this one classmate who would always be late in the mornings because they always goes to McDonald drive throughs and would buy some chicken nuggies, fries, and I think coke flurry?

    70. larina

      The smell of fries in the room though.

    71. Bulletmaster832

      New McDonald's slogans

    72. nick

      *I ask for extra*

    73. TrippieHippieZ23

      bro its not that even impossible


      Ah yes I love paper bag asmr

    75. 1911

      Now do one on the kid that brought in subway

    76. UmbreonYoshi28

      Trevor is so good at pretending to be a snotty rich guy lol

    77. liam ross

      The thing that hits it close to home was that there was no teacher intervention

    78. NomaD

      The story of how Ronald McDonald became the mascot of McDonald's, right here.

    79. Paulsstuff

      nah he'd be flexing off cold food ordered 5 hours ago most of the time

    80. Edonthedon _

      I am watching this while I am eating McDonald’s

    81. God

      Dude and everybody would swarm over him and beg him for a fry and he’d be like “no”

    82. Marcelobsky

      *He is superior*

    83. JOSH2625

      Mc trevor nada bahaha I'm fkn rich

    84. PunkU 500

      How is this so accurate 🤣

    85. An overly sarcastic fox

      Dude you don’t understand how good I got at stealing fries. I could probably rob Fort Knox without getting.

    86. Sab 15

      how bout you "go gurt" a fucking job lmaoooooooooooooooooooo

    87. Charlie Harris

      how do you come up with so many good quotes

    88. Mr. Clean

      I was the kid with McDonald’s all the time, would always share some of my friends in class cause they always didn’t have stuff to eat

    89. Paint Drinker


    90. UnknownMasked

      One time my mom bought me jollibee to school my classmates were like begging for spaghet.

    91. Vasila Mirshamsova

      This is agist. Are you assuming that 15 year olds don't know anything about stocks? Well we do and yes, they do sound like that

    92. Austin Nipper

      Funny thing is, this guy is actually pretty well off with HUfast and who knows what else.

    93. Miguel Bazan


    94. YoungRe3hunnid

      It's crazy cause when you had a doctor's appointment and moms got you the golden arches that's really how you felt walking into class🤣🤣

    95. Vandelay Industries

      we're just watching advertisement now

    96. Gonk Productions

      1:22 your welcome

    97. ImNoob

      Sadly they exist.

    98. Miguel Hernandez


    99. Unknarc

      New vid : The kid who brought KFC