the p*rn actor who thinks he's a real actor

Trevor Wallace

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    tbh id watch this all the way through on The Hub. clearly this guy is trained professionally.
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    @Julia Rose of @THE SH*TSHOW
    Filmed and edited by: @John Lackmeyer & ME BEACH @Trevor Wallace.
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    1. Trevor Wallace

      this video instantly got demonetized and i overnight shipped those man thongs. AKA IM LOSIN MONEY HERE. So could ya subscribe instead ! ily

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      2. Luke desu

        No problem my man

      3. JAY IzzO INFINITY

        Why would it be demo?

      4. Ken Foust

        HUfast’s always holding my channel back got 4 subs but I don’t even try anyways so idk 🤷‍♂️ I’m poor only difference. They hate poor people like everyone else 🤣👍

      5. Raze

        That camera man in the black lmfao 🤣

    2. Eli Sultanov

      Dixen herize 😂😂😂

    3. N88t

      5:46 tell me im wrong

    4. Borislava Manova

      The "aspiring acTOR" had me dead on the ground

    5. Critical Thinking

      Hi !!! My name is Dicks-in-her-eyes. 😂 0:26

    6. My life is weird I need help

      I got it boys 5:48

    7. Luke desu


    8. Kyobou- Kun

      5:48 ur welcome

    9. Alessandro Colpo

      I wish I could trust people as much as she trusts that shirt

    10. ra Pierre

      Your free your free😂😂😂

    11. The Cruise Brothers

      who said santa kums?

    12. The Cruise Brothers

      Julia rose is fine ngl

    13. Isaac Smith

      This man is the Johnny Sins of HUfast I couldn’t think of a more fitting concept

    14. MrJimmyJamz

      The layers in this video are frankly, astounding.

    15. BananaOfTehSky

      i made it 20 seconds in and dixon herize fucked me

    16. Oerlikon20mm

      I want fruit snacks now

    17. Reality

      Who else gets reminded of Brian Griffin from this?

    18. Barney Cockburn

      They had to censor the word p*rn to not let the algorithm catch a nasty word, in a video where they talk about f**cling 😅 wow

    19. Ayush Rathor

      "Creative Erector" had me weak after beanie vid.

    20. David Sarkar

      Lol wow 👏 🤣

    21. Roland Deschein

      Am I the only on who genuinely loves the plot as much if not more then the actual scene?

    22. Koda D legit name is Dixon

    23. Ans Hakim

      😭😭 Trevor is just different for making this bro lmao

    24. Simon Wilson-Ayer

      Dixon Herize😂

    25. lowkey_fla


    26. Tristan Lanier

      Trevor Wallace was born to do satire lol

    27. BEAST X

      Ryan’s face is honestly the best

    28. Boikanyo Ramalepa

      Bloopers please 😭

    29. Owen Bunny

      So mr.William pxxn star boy stayed in the industry and became a director

    30. Divad Robertson

      5 mins in and I can’t stop fucken laughing bro 😂😂😂 oh shit you got my sub for sure bro 😂😂😭😭😭

    31. Exified

      (Sponsored by Welch’s)

    32. Samuel Monyeki

      Dixon Herize!🤣🤣

    33. Star

      6:15 Subtle Christian Bale reference

    34. Xavier Gary-McClain

      This is ACTUALLY Julia Rose’s audition tape for Reality Kings 😂😂😂 #cloutchase

    35. Allan Mooneyham

      that was the best skit ever bro. i am DED

    36. BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel

      Wonder how much she got paid to wear that...bra? What even is that ?

    37. BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel

      "it's not phantom of the Opera" Well what if it is ..?

    38. Krøatøn

      3:08 thats how you know it's his first day on the job 😂😂😂

    39. Derek Gonzalez

      8:00 what is the website she’s saying???

    40. Matthew Patton

      I believe you're much more than a fluffer-needer, fam! You got that Mojo, JoJo! Keep on keeping on! Love everything you make and thank you for uploading and sharing!

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    42. Masked Spartan

      Eyyy its STEVIE!

    43. ReZhorw

      Oh my god Ryan standing there was the funniest shit

    44. Pao&Alo

      Pause at 5:48😂

    45. I’m just here

      Nobody gonna talk about the creator erector lmaooooo

    46. Jacob Ramage

      Bro when you make movies, hmu, I can play jesus for you.

    47. Mia Valenciia

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dead

    48. Laird Purvis


    49. kid kenu


    50. Chill

      It’s motts fruit for the win

    51. Yuto Hirano

      Isn't this just James Deen.

    52. riley murphy


    53. Chris Greene

      This deserve An Oscar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Mike Palmer

      Did u 😏

    55. ColbyCash913

      yo whos the girl? asking for a friend

    56. Noe Jimenez Cruz

      5:48 you can thank me by dropping a like :D

    57. Guan Kui Li

      bruh 5:21

    58. shiro Mwale

      Why the hell is he always in character 😭😭🔥

    59. Cole dixon

      bro....where did you get that girl from!?!

    60. Ryan Gantert

      Honestly a job any male would pay to have.

    61. unquallfied

      “ I would get up right now but I don’t think that’s best”

    62. Yewty

      hey trev you good homie?

    63. RealBddy

      Disturbing truth at the end

    64. RSB

      From broadway to buttholes

    65. Frosty

      You guys should film one of these, and post it on another website for a laugh

    66. Gat Fukt

      Hey man if all pornstars were professional actors it'd probably be a better experience.

    67. Földi Gergő

      Creative Erector DUUUUUUUUUDE😂😂😂

    68. OliVoid Editz

      What is her ig!!!????

    69. PAX ET BONUM

      Stevie killed it.

    70. Imagination Creates Reality

      As I'm watching this, I'm faced with such intense cringe, that I'm forced to pause the video every now and then.

    71. Jason Prom


    72. Alex Scho’s Vlogs

      Who’s the girl 😳

      1. Real Star Squad

        Your sister

    73. reddybear

      Dixon Herize wow that's a good one

    74. Rastand

      I'd Watch it; for the "acting"

    75. Cam K

      Male porn star should be paid to not talk or moan cause I didn't come here to hear him

    76. Mr.redberry

      Julia rose is a good choice

    77. RocketNinja

      Day 1 of asking Trevor to do, “People who claim that they were born in the wrong generation”

      1. RocketNinja

        @Alexey Saranchev same

      2. Alexey Saranchev

        Supporting. I think he's able to do that funnier anyone's expecting.

    78. Ryan G

      This channel is fucking gold

    79. Rav The Deity

      Dude you joined the wrong industry with all that improv 🤣🤣🤣

    80. Tootie Flutie

      Whoever played the film student was the best damn actor here

    81. Frank

      The creative erector was very professional

    82. JYJWLZ Joshua Howard

      Anyone else waiting for the sound guy to get his shot lmao

    83. Lundrim Vitija

      The camera boy sitting is hint of the viewers idk if u get it u get it

      1. Lundrim Vitija

        Twiggle your fingers simpletons

    84. Sir clipz

      Shagma da what

    85. Farrukhbek Varisov

      Is it only me or the female actor really does look like Natalie Portman

    86. Pull Up

      The titles that the director has worked on 😭 😭 😭 😂 😂 😂

    87. King Nano

      Sandra Sandra Sandra Lmaoooo

    88. Tna Zyk之シ

      Ryan always looks like he just wants to get out of there and smoke or drink a beer

    89. rawr

      omg it is julia rose (def not from shagmag aka the shitshow or lls) 😳 Edit: knew this before I even clicked the video 😎

    90. lumarians

      Hard to believe but the industry still wants you to think there are the "standards and practices codes in 1929" in film are still a moral perspective. 5 stars on your body of work .

    91. Ben Dove

      Yeah you got 2 million subs

    92. zx nd


    93. Job Gines

      stepbro sunday

    94. ً

      The idea is great, but how can you like say all p*rn actors are no real actors, just because some p*rn movies have bad acting? There are even some mainstream movies containing explicit scenes and like female-friendly or art p*rn movies containing better acting or Amateur p*rn sometimes containing no acting at all! 😂

    95. bldhdbngr


    96. Evan D.

      He’s been at 1.99 million for too long

    97. LSU fan 413

      If pornstars were real actors they wouldn't be pornstars.

    98. J Bac


    99. J Bac

      Julia Bush is always down for whatever pays lol

    100. SuperAshahzad

      5:48 thank me later boys 😎