trading stocks in 2020 Vs. 2021

Trevor Wallace

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    TO THE MOON BABY. Let's just say 2021 is booming and in all the weirdest ways possible. S/o Robinhood lol # stonks
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    dogecoin to the moon heheh

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    1. Trevor Wallace

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      1. Krishawn Raj

        You should've made BlackerBerry is sweet juice joke

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      3. aiden scrunch

        but what would 2021 be without this

      4. Soml_jcock

        You put this out so god damn fast

      5. So yeah I like video games

        ima big fan!!!!

    2. -Sir WESLEE-

      Trevor I just wanna how much Bitcoin you got, I remember your skits the first time it went viral years ago I know you brought some back then 💰💰💰💰💰

    3. Johnny 27

      Who's DARLENE

    4. fenderjbass

      First one made me feel strangely comfortable but cold as well

    5. Jun Pak

      should've gotten that dogecoin

    6. One and Dunne

      Hope he invested in DOGE...

    7. filip neacsu

      Everyone is talking about this video but what about the ad about GameStop stonks

    8. Dashlyn Heinrich

      Nobody makes money off of zoom. I've been trying to get out for so long now.

    9. FutureMartian97

      O P E N G A M E S T O P

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    11. Holly grail A

      Ehhh 2020 look like that when Carona hit in march lmfao

    12. Christy Rose Muir

      My goodness, you are funny and very attractive 🙏😘✨

    13. chips_vis

      Positive affirmations : I am getting Rich , my trading is improving, im d god of trading. money money money ooouuuwwwaahhhhh

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    15. Johnny Blaze

      Omfg silly bandz, takes me back to elementary school

    16. Patrick Pakpahan

      yoo anyone know the ending music?

    17. Jus ZYX


    18. MarketUpdates

      Stonks only go up.

    19. Lin

      1:22 "what the fuck is happening??" i dont know trevor... i dont know 😔

    20. PraPra


    21. Joe Gustafson Jr.

      I just realized that you look like reese from malcolm in the middle

    22. Brandan E


    23. Tiana Vex

      the part weith Michael got me dead

    24. Kevin Clause4p55p

      More gold content from trevor

    25. Jeremy Dykstra

      Sorry darlene

    26. Leverage

      GME By Product ✔️

    27. Austin Reeves

      *Wolf of Wall Street has entered the chat*

    28. Emily Limpert

    29. jinjurbreadman

      who places their order by phone anymore?

    30. StinkyMonke

      As a amateur investor it's quite accurate mostly with the 2020 one with the 2021 skit I was really just not sleeping a lot and I was drinking a fuckton of coca-cola for the energy

    31. Aislyn Namanga

      Lol gave me a nice little hobby during this pandemic haha

    32. Conker

      Me as someone with 140% of net my worth in dogecoin: 😅

      1. Orange cookie


    33. jaz herself

      Lmaooooo not Silly Bands 😂😂

    34. Ty Lito

      He needs a bang energy drink

    35. Yee Yee Ash Haircut Ninja

      Why you got dimple on your right cheek? Is it because you get punched by someone?

    36. IDontKnowAGoodName

      "I just recently acquired J.P Morgan's actually..."

    37. Farrukhbek Varisov

      Kinda miss Ryan The Leader’s background dorky voice in Trevor’s skits

    38. Leonel Cadet

      yah i knew that 2021 would of been perfect. shared.

    39. AdrianColumbus

      I think the video would be even better if you just cut it at 1:47, or if you just increased the chaos, instead of calming it down. Great video none the less!

    40. Coorzy

      I like that I get a robinhood ad

    41. TruuDot

      Literally the entire WSB discord

    42. Mike Hunt

      hahaha this video sucks.

    43. Matthew

      Great vid man

    44. Derrick McAdoo

      First half is Jerry from Rick and Morty to a T. Best Jerry impression I've ever seen.

    45. Imisi Obafisoye

      Trevors like De Niro, he can act so many different personalities it’s almost impossible. 😅

    46. vek

      great video but fuck robinhood

    47. Droo 2o2

      Silly Bandz😂😂

    48. Trav Pots

      Good job

    49. Oliver ͦ

      Never again

    50. Guru Joss

      Kony 2012?

    51. WannaBuyMyPuma

      $GME to the moon second squeeze is coming

    52. DogeCoin Moon Trips

      migoscoin make it happen

    53. TheVintageMom

      omg....kony 2012

    54. ً


    55. Mitth’raw’nuruodo

      Why is michael the cameraman

    56. seanydayz

      "what are you looking at, ITS THE FUTURE!" No, it was fifth grade

    57. Jon Novak


    58. Zach M

      Yooooooo reddit higher ups fucked up that sub tho for real... and the user: "DeepFuckingValue" is gonna appear before a congressional hearing. So that name is gonna be in a legal document.

    59. QUINPG

      Everyone I know mastered the stock market after that game stop incident....

    60. Analyze and Educate

      Elizabeth Warren

    61. J Worthington

      You forgot about POGS!!! THEY'RE BACK!!!!!

    62. Elite Ninja

      Buy doge coin rn 🚀🚀

    63. Steak N Gravy Potatos

      Silly bands unlocking my childhood lol

    64. josh claffey

      I thought you did video called guy after buying stock for the first time or some like that

    65. Christian Io

      2:32 👀Wait there is a Migos Stonk and nobody told me... * Panik * bcs indeed It will Take off

    66. Travis A

      Wow. This is what a ruined life looks like. Lol. I got close but I’ve decided to leave the app alone and HOLD! 💎 🖐

    67. Gravity Beats

      Moral of the story is... Poor Darlene

    68. Gary Jahman

      LOL I actually went and look for the blu man group

    69. Carlo Lopez

      What is that bgm from 1:17 onwards?

    70. lexlife

      hi michael!!!!

    71. Dane Sweda

      2021 Dogecoin

    72. DELI

      diamond hands energy

    73. Junior Guevara

      Rip Robinhood

    74. cesar calle

      Dogecoin to the moon baby 🚀🚀

    75. Zo2zxV

      1:25 knorrig

    76. Black_Heart_Gaming

      To the moon!

    77. Strong Sevens

    78. Bernát Kun


    79. ß22

      Hi Michael

    80. Invalid Name

      I wish I had such a role model when I was a teenager, thankfully the teenagers of now have such a good role model :]

    81. MXH JVG

      Cony 2012 lmao ykyk

    82. Lavender_05

      This guy is married?! 💔

    83. Bananas


    84. Muerate 1

      I told my dad to sell his 5 shares of game stop 2 months ago..

    85. ShadowNixja

      You were in a Brandon Rogers video

    86. Brian Dennick


    87. Marsh Mellow

      Listen here. It's funny to see retails hopping on the angry bandwagon against RH and hedge funds when in fact they don't really know what's really going on. They think keep pumping stock price will make them suffer but the reality is they already adjusted their positions and most likely their initial net short positions were probably hedged too so that their gains/losses are capped, which means it doesn't matter if the price continues to go up or down it doesn't affect them anymore. It's funny because retail thinks they're doing something heroic when in reality they just want everyone else to buy so they can dump on each other. Why complain and hate Robinhood when they halted trades for YOUR interest and safety. I'm sure that time when they halted GME on its way up, saved a couple of noobs' money and possibly even lives. They looked out for YOUR interest. By the way in case you didn't know when I hear people say oh they halted trades in favour of HFs. NO! HFs usually have enough contracts and shares that they can swap and trade with each other with other HFs and so they don't depend on brokers or broker dealers like retails do. Literally Robinhood doesn't care about fundies as much as they care about US. So stop with the misinformation and hate and lies if you don't know how things work. tl;dr Why the bandwagon hate? Short sellers help stabilize price to prevent bubbles if anything now it's people pumping and dumping on each other now talking about diamond hands lol. Don't blame RH blame fed reserve for giving all the dumb money stimmy money to have created this bubble.

    88. Mads Leavitt

      This man can’t make it through an entire video without smoking a cig


      🚀 AMC🚀

    90. Still Reading Books

      i laughed so much watching this last night. The part where he's like am i investing, am i gambling. i don't understand the stock market either.

    91. Tomy Durazno

      The end got me cracking 🤣

    92. stopautoclick

      Do you want stonks invest in amp 500

    93. Isaiah Caudle


    94. Houdini

      oh, fish

    95. Alejandro Gomez

      Ok but what’s the title of that piano song in the end tho? Don’t fail me now Shazam

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    97. Ryan

      IDEX to the moon

    98. Exile 84

      Fuck the hedge funds. GME TO THE MOON🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀💎💎💎💎🚀🚀💎💎🙌🚀

    99. cole hall

      This is ash from evil dead but stonks

    100. Kayden Erick