Trevor got p*ssy... cat | Stiff Socks Podcast Ep. 107

Trevor Wallace

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    The gang casually gabs about jamming footlockers in ur a$$, how festival banging is disgusting, and whether or not you should subscribe to an exes 0nlyfans. They also discuss the act of being too sleepy to cum. We said it once, we'll say it again... science podcast.
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    1. Chloe M

      Hi, fellow Chloe lmao 😜

    2. Jaye3rd89

      "I have paper towels" LMAO!!!!!

    3. Vladimir Lenin


    4. Handstandman Stan

      B-b-b-b-b-b‐bonus material

    5. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Mines one size fits all big or small🤣

    6. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      True don't do it be a P and live 100

    7. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Reading rainbow was awesome it sucks they took it away from u younger generation.

    8. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Try a cheddar, broccoli &chicken nugget with sour cream or sweet sour&honey mustard.

    9. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Mcds nooooo Wendy's all day

    10. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Shittttt I'd give it up every time

    11. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I make all kinds of quesadillas

    12. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      Driving in separate cars 🤣 whyyyy

    13. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I'd do it lol camping tripppppp

    14. Brandi Joi Medlin Hernandez

      I love Wendy's&in&out though I worked at Wendy's so I know the roles there lol

    15. Trenten Robinson

      Bro southwest all up in the east coast lol

    16. Naomi Hionis

      I’m sorry but id buy Michael’s only fans SO fast 🤷🏻‍♀️

    17. Yungboigawd


    18. Aj the god9

      If your lonely and you do the do you feel more lonely

    19. keengKai

      That britty accent was pretty slick there trev.

    20. Ayden Schellevis

      I aprove of this

    21. Ellen S

      Trevor just changed my life with that text message tip

    22. Kevin Lopez

      34:10 hol up

    23. Love, Live & Laugh

      Why does he only have one sheet of sheets lmao

    24. Jugg4n4ut


    25. Dr.Seuss-E-O Channel

      Camping Trip!

    26. Cee Molecule

      Wasn't homeboy praising Wendy's and then quickly turns on them 🤣

    27. Dood6283

      The ocean itself is actually blue

    28. Irishtonk 72

      I need to subscribe to the Patreon right now just for the episode with Michaels girl

    29. Slim

      michael's shoes are fire

    30. TBONEE101

      I went to a band concert and cus I was preforming I had to wear a tux and a cumberbun and I can confirm that it doesn’t do shit but make u uncomfortable

    31. skyplayer 21

      When Michael said Alexa my Alexa turned on and answered

    32. Gotabag. mal

      Cows are not that dumb u would be suprised

    33. SDguy2020

      I'm from san diego, still dont know what coachela is. Oh well, moved out of commiefornia a while ago.

    34. Joseph Saivong

      Where do we send sock talk submissions ??

    35. Silvana Guillen

      I just say I’m a girl and absolutely love this podcast. You guys are hilarious and make me laugh every time. This shit you guys talk about is so honest and helpful to many people and they don’t even know it. Including myself. (Ps. You saved me during quarantine. Love you all especially gabe with them eyes.... got damn.

    36. Nicole King-Jeff

      Samsung BoWL works 2

    37. Nicole King-Jeff

      Bone Socc. S BoWL

    38. Benders009

      Ok so hear me out. Epic super bowl black and white sugar bowl commercial. Making a a point about some shit. And then a slow mo from a white claw can. Tangerine. Then it comes to the white claw guys, but it's a twisted tea can instead. And he says no laws and that's it as he is pulling out a twisted tea can lol

    39. ellstacker adventures


    40. George Whore Bush

      34:09 you can feel Michaels pain when he said that

    41. Garrett Collie

      Did anyone else's Alexa get set off by Michael????

    42. Jaden Jones

      I dont think they went over well enough Micheal knowing the Oedipus Complex and why he still has it 😂😂😂

    43. R Bee

      Pretty sure the Wendy's Twitter person is female, and she is pretty cute.

    44. LilBoat !

      I'm new from tik tok and imma stay for a while

      1. Matthew O'Connor

        its hilarious, welcome

    45. This sold me, gotta get the patreon 🤣🤣🤣

    46. Alex Tennant

      Hey we're u in holes?

    47. ellie watson

      IF YOURE FROM ‘BRITAIN’ ahahahahahaha wow

    48. Roselyn Arambulo

      GOT DAMN

    49. Blake Kendrick

      17:20 Michael just shut up lol

    50. Messy J

      Yo ngl Hawthorne is $$$$

    51. why neji

      Who else getting their patreon now lll

    52. J poppin

      Just do stiff socks by yourself. I can't even watch it with your co host

    53. J poppin

      I really wish you would find a new co host. He is holding you back. He's not funny, not cute, he's makes extremely insensitive comments, makes everything about him. Not to be rude, but you're better than that.

      1. Blockofchezgood

        Shut up just shut up

    54. Mason Michael

      You should make a video about people who use Spotify vs people who use Apple Music. I think it would be lit 🔥

    55. Cap’n Salt

      51:10 sounds like Armie Hammer to me

    56. Sammy Sprinkles

      4 by 4 mannnn why trevor eatin wood bruhhh, pretty sus

    57. Avery Featherston


    58. TheVintageMom

      wrong... do it yourself. don't embarrass your wife if she's not in the mood, she has to pick 100 needles out of haystacks all day to keep your lifestyle. you need to get your mind out of sex and into real life.

    59. Jesse Nichols

      ik the Wendy’s guys and he’s kinda lit

    60. Weston Anderson

      Got any Gecks?

    61. Sw3t Filth

      Quick suggestion: Try making adding like a link to the sponsored ad at the bottom so we know which parts to skip.

    62. Spellbound

      Damn that Patreon be juicy as hell! Haha

    63. peixi fff

      Has anyone found out he looks like Gavin Belson, the boss of hooli in the TV series Silicon Valley? lol

    64. Brendon Samuda

      1:11:35 her reaction 💀

    65. Gerardo Lozano

      “Riding in a hydrogen corvette corset”

    66. Marie Rodgers

      There should be a call her daddy/stiff socks podcast episode!

    67. Master Havoc

      I love you guys....Always glad to see new episodes!

    68. JJ vs the World

      can we talk about how the tip of Michael's monster can is disabled

    69. t.

      17:36 Trevor’s Playboi Carti impersonation has me dead rn

    70. goeiemorgenzeg wateenkeerl

      Is this the dude that made all the kissing tutorial vids?

    71. Tyler

      got damn chloe is way below his league

    72. ArchieDude

      4:11 I remember when the Sunny D twitter page just tweeted "I can't do this anymore" and everyone got really worried lol

    73. DJ DBear

      Only a size ten

    74. Orange Penguin

      yo i had chickfila and im learning abt the 50's like bro

    75. Ryne Lindquist

      I love how they said Green Day isn't "from here" when they're from Berkeley😂

    76. Stephanie DaSilva

      I’ll totally babysit ur kitty if u decide to take a trip with ur gf to miami! 😂

    77. Nate Escalante

      Micheal got a giant mouth 👄


      Come to New Hampshire for a trip

    79. royLT

      Michael hating on punk rock what a noob

    80. VideOEditz 13

      Yoooo when Michael said hey Alexa and then the word, my Alexa gave the definition wtf

    81. conner grisham

      The car guy from TLC is from my home town in Arkansas

    82. Jacob Curtis

      You ever get a snap from a chick and cant find your missing 2nd phone and once you find it and open the snap its just her dog? 😑

    83. [[Insert Name]]

      Ay come on, i still gotta finish the other episode

    84. NaimaKKa

      on android we can open up the notifications and just read like 7 ig messages without the other person knowing and we can reply through the notifications too, idk if that's on android too but imessage is good from what I heard

    85. AllegorX FPV

      I hope these boys got permission from their parents to make this podcast

    86. Kyle Guest

      Holy shit Trevor. You just changed my life. I’m reading all my texts and no one will ever know when I do.

    87. Akumas_boi YT

      Pussy through P.O. Box I thought I heard everything 😂

    88. dragon slayer god

      yall always wanna talk about Greta and Trevor's new cat but you never bring em on the podcast

    89. Taylor Welch

      Tiff Rocks

    90. Brandon Johnson

      Brothazz this episode was epic!!!

    91. iLLUMINATi EST1

      The best episode since Michel burnt that girls jacket and had to pay for it. Love it keep it up !

    92. Alex Cruz

      Anybody else notice Michael blinking a million times when he takes a sip of his monster?

    93. Hectic Theking

      "Akon has exited the conversation"

    94. Matthew Read


    95. Jordan Simmons


    96. Beatin The Banks Fishing

      Trevor giving that text game out for the low

    97. Juliette Bianez

      As a Yaris owner, thank you for recognizing my car 😂😂😂

    98. SuppSamanthaa

      So glad I was the 5k member, that episode was hilarious! Patreon is worth every penny.

    99. vince santistevan

      DIVORCED!!! Like Michael said

    100. Mark Winther