when you tell someone from california you don't like In-N-Out

Trevor Wallace

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    people who just landed in LA 0.04 seconds ago:
    feat: @LongBeachGriffy !
    been waiting on this collab for years, so s/o to Griffy for pulling up !
    filmed by @Ryan The Leader.
    I'm in Florida this week at the West Palm Beach Improv Comedy Club.
    (AINT NO in-n-outs here lol)
    but if ur here, come to a show on the 16th:
    sub to me: @Trevor Wallace GET ME TO 2MIL.
    if ur still reading this go comment "HOME DEPOT KINDA BUSSIN"

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    1. Trevor Wallace

      come see me in west palm beach tuesday night u coward 😈 trevorwallacecomedy.com/

      1. Jude D

        @JB Holland-Hagan How do you know

      2. JB Holland-Hagan

        Rip Griffey got you demonetized

      3. 215mookies

        I'm in west palm beach now. You still here???

      4. Jude D

        Tom's number 5 off venice blvd is the best burger joint in LA by far

      5. Danger QD

        i choked in so many languages watching this xD fucking amazing

    2. edreedson

      LA mad trashy

    3. Jake Allison

      I have never felt so vindicated.

    4. insert name here

      Did he just say arbys😬

    5. BC_ 10192828292

      Holy shit

    6. Black

      I’ve never seen Griffy’s full body before

    7. Jackson Wells

      low key with giffy. in n out kinda sucks

    8. Francois-Xavier LE SAINT

      "it's those damn In n Out" is the equivalent to "it's those damn phones"

    9. Francois-Xavier LE SAINT

      "it's those damn In n Out" is the equivalent to "it's those damn phones"

    10. Christian Mendoza

      Unpopular opinion, the habit is better

    11. MegaJeves

      Wow griffy did a good job with the makeup to make himself look like a white redhead. And how he green screened himself into the same frame is beyond me 🤷🏽‍♂️

    12. ding dawng

      I prefer burger king over it

    13. Collin Greenwood

      My exact response when people say they don’t like in n out

    14. Moses Vasquez

      It's trash, I has it 2 times in 2 different places and was not good.

    15. Oneal the music man

      I’m from Cali and that shit is bland AF!

    16. Logan Patterson

      im convinced this wasnt a skit and he really hated in-n-out that much

    17. bob freeze

      These two are incredible together, some might say, unstoppable?

    18. bangchan's rubberducky

      He did not say welfare 😭😭

    19. Brenden Beranek

      What burger is bad and texans be saying the same thing

    20. 88 Leeds

      “Are you on welfare?!”

    21. φεγγαρακι

      O ma h Gaaaaashhhh

    22. NomaD

      Dude, this is a level of comedy god couldn't even top.

    23. Ryan Vang


    24. Malliah Reyn

      I've still never been

    25. Jelly Bean

      Me watching this from Canada- ah yes very relatable

    26. An Average 27

      One word: Whataburger Change my mind bitches!!!

    27. madwrestler 145

      Wth is In-N-Out? I guess it's like Sonic or Stars

    28. AsianPersuasion24x7

      In-N-Out is the best tho...

    29. Aaron Halpin

      In-N-Out is trash indeed. The fries are soggy and horrible, I was told as a "secret" that you have to ask them to fry them twice...I have a better idea...make them right the first time and I dont have to ask you to recook my food.

    30. Jeneca Laplant


    31. lol K

      Texas is like this with whataburger lol

    32. Gutters

      When you don't have an In-N-Out in you're town...

    33. chrisio_ rojo

      Dude, go to TX for Whataburger cus it’s 🔥

    34. thelastsoulbender

      The home Depots around here have full food courts sandwiches burgers hot dogs drinks

    35. Daniel Ragin

      Trevor Wallace is literally my best friends when I told them I don't like Chick-Fil-A

    36. DuckChoco 96

      Damn he didn't have to do Arby's dirty like that, their curly fries kinda smack

    37. TheInfantry98

      The burger Jawn? That’s a Philadelphia term that I’ve never heard outside of my hometown

    38. JC R

      Whataburger better than in n out

    39. Pre Malone

      What about McDonalds?

    40. Johnny In Japan

      How dare he insult Arby's! I miss it...

    41. Jack

      “that is honestly accurate”

    42. Brett Kelly

      My 10th grade science teacher had a melt down like this once lol.

    43. FrostedRaps

      Guest appearance: The rest of Griffy's body.

    44. MasterGhostf

      Wendy's near me slaps. The chicken nuggets, baconator, and chx sandwich are good.

    45. Ahmed E. Korayem, DC, Ch.T

      This was too good!!

    46. Edwin Haigh

      The Rocco’s hot sausage at Home Depots in Philly are incredible.

    47. JD Linnstaedter

      Trevor: WhAtA BiTcH BuRgEr Me: *cries in texan

    48. I'm Joeking

      I know it's off topic but I like that jacket. Gotta get me one.

    49. David Perez

      "STFU Trevor" - 😂

    50. Angel

      This is what I felt the first time I had in and out here in Colorado

    51. Gottem Boi

      I got an ad for The Habit Burger LOL 😂

    52. Mario Eid

      "It was like my taste buds were at Coachella" 😂😂

    53. Joshua Brito

      Arbys how dare u griffy ur dead to me

    54. Wez Head

      ON THE FUCKING MOON!!!! that got me so hard.

    55. Isaiah Adams

      "Who is paying you to say this?"

    56. Tehillah LeFou

      I like Burger King

    57. Geeky Metalhead

      Carl's Jr and Wendy's ain't bad tho

    58. SparksTooLit


    59. Basixx

      I don’t know why I like it so much

    60. Leon Ahmed

      YOOOOOOOOOOOOO this collab was fire we need more NO CAPPO BABY

    61. Peyton Dauer

      in n out to california is like whataburber to texas. except our whataburger is better😎

    62. starwars917

      Griffy was d-wade circa 2006. Trevor was shaq......from the celtics

    63. Cole _i

      This is like when you tell someone from Seattle you don't like dicks drive in

    64. Jeejington

      He went a little too far with the "I'd rather eat Arby's. In-N-Out can't be that bad".

    65. Indigo Ward


    66. ozziekhoo

      Griffy looks so different when we can use both his arms lol

    67. Logan R

      This is exactly how I feel about in-n-out lol.

    68. Legnd Grape

      In n out sucks and I'm from here

    69. Ambitionary

      Can y'all do one on whataburger lol

    70. Jonathan Esser

      Griff does communicate with others! I’m from Jersey, live in Florida but went to Vegas and can’t understand how one can’t like in n out. Jack in the box is overrated

    71. Jean Garcia

      Lol i had to have this conversation with my ppl in cali

    72. Jonathan M.

      This is a word for word reenactment of a a conversation my gf & I had when we lived in la.. In-n-out, King taco... Not that great lol

    73. BristleTime

      Been watching a ton so good

    74. RichED Mixed

      Whats wrong with burger king?

    75. Gehazel Muse

      “Burger King? Are You On Welfare?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Burger King Is The Shit Though 💯

    76. Nikki Mori

      Yo this was a perfect collab after you’ve watched griffy’s in n out from 3 years ago. This vid was destined to happen.

    77. F3LCTYxL3GION Official

      Theres more InNOuts than gas stations 😂

    78. lastpme

      It is overrated...I don’t understand...

    79. kandang ayam premium


    80. cod godzzz haha Simp

      You Better Not say that To Jolibee

    81. Az

      Texas: Hold my Whataburger.

    82. No K

      ARBYS IM DEAD 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    83. Teegste

      ive never had in N out, im prolly just kgonna stick to mcdonalds/

    84. CarlosN47

      This is me every time I tell someone I don't like in n out Whataburger all the way

    85. ForgetfulHitman


    86. Whyeld

      Ok as an in n out employee here’s what to get. Either a double double or a cheeseburger animal style, no tomatoes for me cause tomatoes suck, and most importantly get your fries well done, it makes them crispy and way better.

    87. Chillem dafoe

      What kind of burger place doesn’t have a bacon cheeseburger on their menu? In N Out fucking sucks

    88. Goku Black Rose

      shut the fuck up TREVOR

    89. Camden Hanks

      Y’all suck Arby’s is good

    90. TheGodYami !

      He Crossed the line when saying Arby's

    91. Santiago Katzenstein

      "Cries in californian" lol, that killed me

    92. ryanwilsonbackup

      I’m so happy to see these two together LOL in al reality. In-n-out is one of the better quality burger places, but the lines aren’t worth it

    93. Helix Snow

      This is how I feel about Whataburger. My hubby is Texan, he loves that place.

      1. The Censored Muscle

        Except Whataburger has a million things to choose from. Its almost impossible to not find one thing you love. If fried spicy duck butt was a thing, they would have it.

    94. Tanasia Robinson

      I'm glad he apologized for that whataburger comment😂😂

    95. Ko Blake

      That man said Fuck California! I'll leave l!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ayyyyy

    96. j ee

      Omfg !!!! I was dying at the end ! That’s why there’s fucking traffic because of the damn in and outs ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    97. Que Huagi

      what about the stickers tho?

    98. It is Quinn Ellis !

      Shake shack is better to be honest

    99. Warm up

      How many times did they say fuckin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣