When you get in the wrong Uber Pool

Trevor Wallace

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    thats right folks, we made a sketch in the MF'n b*ng bus. we really out here in 2021... and filmed a podcast after.
    Tour Dates:
    San Antonio: May 25-27
    Omaha, NE: June 17-19
    Des Moines, IA: July 1-3
    Liberty Township, OH: August 5-7
    Oklahoma City, OK: August 12-14
    Spokane, WA: August 19-22
    Tickets at: trevorwallacecomedy.com/shows
    Featuring: Peter Green
    Camila Cortez:
    listen to our podcast with Peter Green, recorded in the B*ng Bus here:
    or watch right here on my channel:
    (Stiff Socks airs every Wednesday.) (tune in y'all)
    if ur still reading this, go comment "BANG BUSSIN"

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    1. Trevor Wallace

      *NEW Tour Dates:* San Antonio: May 25-27 Omaha, NE: June 17-19 Des Moines, IA: July 1-3 Liberty Township, OH: August 5-7 Oklahoma City, OK: August 12-14 Spokane, WA: August 19-22 Tickets at: trevorwallacecomedy.com/shows​

      1. WWF - WeirdWrestlingFan

        @Sensei Juzo BANG BUSSIN!!!!!!!

      2. WWF - WeirdWrestlingFan

        BANG BUSSIN!!!!!!!

      3. Luke Brunelle

        Awww no LA

      4. Eddie Haddox

        Bro what. You're coming to Ohio ?! Bet.

      5. Bryce Walker

        When you coming to Cali bro

    2. Government Agent

      Oh god no

    3. Mr Nosaj

      Hey, Trevor!! Tell Joe (your dad) I said howdy! What uuuup, neighbor!! Wait… Wrong guy.

    4. Tanner Phillips

      It must be a vape. no wait is that a bong? It’s gotta be a bong. HE IS OFF THE WEED

    5. Tolgiboy02

      0:32 EWWWWWW

    6. wabbit yt

      I need advice. Pls drop large amounts of game

    7. IDontKnowAGoodName

      He hopped in the bangbus 😭

    8. Brian Flood

      Way to M Night Shamanan the ending

    9. Edwin Khongsit

      Damn funny

    10. ChickenBloxYT1

      Why am I still watching this🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. Shepard .G

      that van Looks very fimiler Like it was used in a video does anyone know what I'm talking about

    12. MR AW Essop

      First time seeing the bang bus from the outside

    13. Patty

      Bang bussin

    14. Dustin Blankx

      Awkwardly recognizing the chick..

    15. Bowl Frog

      This has been on my recommended for like a month straight. It just won’t leave.

    16. EmmAnueL González

      2:47 she grabbed his package, they for sure ended the scene. 😏👌🏾

    17. Gregory Ores

      Wait pls tell me this is high quality photoshop

    18. codkid bo3

      I like that he doesn't even say is this the Uber

    19. Nasey Ceistat

      🔥🔥$BONFIRE TOKEN🔥🔥

    20. grant nichols

      Imagine if the cops pull them over

    21. Mr. Milk

      Him:I should just raw dawg it Me:same

    22. ThePurpleCrusader

      I know that van better than my own mother

    23. M C

      I wanna be that guy

    24. Jayvier Mendiola

      I'm sure Trevor finished The Office series.

    25. isyourboyzafiraKYS

      what is her name, it is for a scholl project

    26. isyourboyzafiraKYS

      bang bussin

    27. Domenick Nieves

      There's always that one couple in school

    28. Beastgamer 56747

      Fake taxi

    29. Noodle

      Talk about pda

    30. Vinchenzo Turner

      Who is the girl bruh ?

    31. MC PRO

      "Thats the wrong hole" 😶😶😶😶😶😶

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      He gets in the bang bus 😂😂😂😂

    34. Yasuke

      What a nice clean, wholesome, and christian taxi.

    35. Iceman Chambers

      Aye I've seen this Bus before! Very good video

    36. Gage Dery

      bro how did he get the bus

    37. Jonathan Beasley

      The ending

    38. John Bazham

      damn she be fine

      1. John Bazham

        @Vinchenzo Turner nope

      2. Vinchenzo Turner

        Do you know who she is ?

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      You guys come here often? 💀

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      Why is this dude still in the car😂😂

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      What's her name

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      Wait...is bang bus real? I thought it was all just scripted.

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      this is a good won

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      Whos the girl?

    46. Kenneth Givons

      Kids watch trevor wallace...

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      No why

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      i knew that bus looked familiar

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    50. It’s Jeremiah25


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      He's basically a third wheel 😂😂

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      Peter Green and the Bang Bus Lmao

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      Fake Taxi ⚠️

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      The Bang Bus on HUfast 😂😂

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      Not demonitized😅

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      "thats the wrong hole"💀💀

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      LMAOOOO thats not an uber thats a BANG BUS! hahaha

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      Who is the girl ?

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      Who’s the girl?

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      Bang bussin

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      This guy is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

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      who is the girl ?

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      Living the vida locas

    66. Erik.

      Is that the bang bus

      1. Erik.

        commented this before I saw the video

      2. Erik.

        how did you get this to happen

      3. Erik.

        that's the bang bus

    67. Mastequila85

      Miami 305............ !

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    69. Jeremiah Gomez

      This must have been HARD to make



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      Peter green

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      I would say, can I get some of that and get off after some “fun”

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      That would be the most embarrassing thing ever and awkwardest thing in existence

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      What’s her name?

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      This ain't HUfast this is PH

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      Whats her @ tho

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        check desc

    78. Yojimbo

      Camila Cortez is her name.

    79. YouTube channel 1,050

      Yooo Soo like did u join in behind the scenes or what

    80. ZZPUTZ

      The guy on the left is the one from x videos if you watch that

    81. Hot Chocolate

      yea man u got the wrong hole, its supposed to be the seat belt hole man

    82. A B

      Mask up

    83. Johnny Is super

      someone archive this before it gets taken down or something

    84. T.A.I Productions

      I feel bad for the people who had to act like that

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      heyi know that van!

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      "What happens in Miami" 👐

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      I've seen that Van somewhere before.. but I forgot where🤔

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      Need the girls name for some much needed research

    91. Hawaddi, Hawadii.

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    92. Luka Jóse

      Vitaly once got in a van like this. Look where he got to now.

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      You have to smell a fishy lower part

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      My brain: E. H wwedg :_ Rebooting Its not possible for PH to be on yt

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      They actually got him XD

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      I really thought the thumbnail was photoshop😂😭😭😂

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      More like: "When you get on a public bus." Or: "The back of homeroom in 8th grade."

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      peter green lmfao

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      That's not a uber pool. That's a bang bus!🤣