your friend who always has their gas light on

Trevor Wallace

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    the amount of times i've said "we should be good" KNOWING DAMN WELL WE AINT. lolol
    or the classic "lemme just put a few bucks in"
    w/ @Ryan The Leader
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    1. Trevor Wallace

      We so close to 2 MILLLLL BABBY, so if you’re new here. Kindly... SMASH that mfn subscribe button :)

      1. Roland Deschein

        Smash that like , would you kindly...

      2. Carmen Sandiego

        2.1 mil now!

      3. Brandon Leverage

        You need some milk

      4. Brandon Leverage


      5. Brandon Leverage


    2. Dark

      Boy this aged well

    3. Caleb Engel

      Everyone in NC rn

    4. Dustin Harford

      Next video: your friend at the auto shop getting his fuel pump replaced.

    5. no name

      This is bad for your car

    6. Don Guapo

      I have a friend that never has gas and when he pumps gas he only puts In 5 dollars 🤦🏻‍♂️

    7. Muhammad Athar

      Yo homie at the passenger seat hating every second of the vid😂

    8. Emanuel Ramneantu

      I feel like people who always drive with the gas light on are pretty chill about it. It's the passengers who worry more, cause they are not used to it.

    9. fuk 12

      this is me cause im completely broke

    10. Jess

      I feel attacked

    11. Shake'n'Jake

      We need a sequel with "kid who always has the check engine light on"

    12. Erone

      Damn this was funny 😂👍

    13. alis electronic review and phone tips

      I like how causal he is showing the BMW logo

    14. fat guy

      plot twist: he needed gas but didn’t have the money so he made a video


      I spent like a month on one tank going to and from school. It would be blinking and I'd be like "i can get two more days". Luckily I had a hybrid so once I eventually ran out of gas, I was able to get to a gas station on electric.

    16. Turd Ferguson

      🙅🏼‍♂️👮‍♂️ 🙅🏼‍♂️🛑 Drop a gear 🏍️ disappear

    17. Kevin Funes

      I used to do this until I found out the hard way that over time it damages your fuel pump. I had to pay $600 to get my fuel pump replaced. Now I don't play with that and make sure I always fill up before the gas light comes on. Lesson learned

    18. Quantom purple

      *_Your check engine light is on_* -Sheldon

    19. dallas cowboysSB2020

      Trevor is the funniest no 🧢

    20. Enrique Rico

      "Not the energy we need"😂😂

    21. Bill Smithwick DDS

      Putting windows down actually uses MORE gas than using your AC does because of it slowing down the car aerodynamically.

    22. Isaiah Moore

      The broom is just in case he has to fly away 🧹🤣

    23. Tanner Henry

      2.5 dollars for half a gallon? Dude my heart hurts seeing that lmao

    24. Michael Tanja

      As an engineer, I advise against opening the window, it makes the aero slightly worse 😄

    25. Mac Harlow

      This is me

    26. Driveway STAR

      $2.20 for half a gallon fuuuuuck

    27. Dawson Sennes

      1:33 When Trevor actually runs a red light (look through the window)

    28. Eddiespaghetti

      Great way to damage your fuel pump.

    29. Jack Zhao

      1:33 is it just me that realized he actually ran a red light to shoot this vid

    30. ★ Sci-Fi Pie Guy ★

      This is clearly gaslighting

    31. OriginalSchaffino

      I think he actually ran that red light. The lights in the background were green.

    32. Leo

      Dude that’s both my fucking parents

    33. Thelegendl23

      Honestly though that gas light isn't gonna let you down, homie always comes through

    34. LetsGoChamp

      The BMW was a nice touch ;)

    35. Dalton Leach

      “It’s electric”..... do you understand how an alternator works? It’s powered by the engine. More electricity = higher draw on the alternator, higher draw causes more resistance on the magnets which causes the engine to work harder to turn the alternator, which increases fuel consumption.

    36. Trench Coat Gang


    37. Ethan Holshouser

      So this car gets 6 mpg?

    38. tillettman

      Wait, did he really run a red light there? Because it looked like the light for the cross traffic was green.

    39. carami

      How did you get this footage of me driving?

    40. Tayyab Iqbal

      You missed the " i know my car"

    41. James Mara

      This is great!

    42. Half pint Personality

      he really did run the red lol u can see the green opposing light lmfao

    43. King of Cynicism

      I hate "gaslighters". I'll stop

    44. Ice Blade

      The title: your friend Me : well of course I know him. He’s me.

    45. Matthew Spaeth

      this based on theo von's 35th time of getting stuck on the highway cuz he rain outta gas.


      Fuck this is so me

    47. I'm a Random Guy

      At the end, i thought it was going to be that ryan the leader pays for is and he automatically agrees

    48. Professor Weaboo

      *jus making the car lighter*

    49. Joshua Johnson

      This is so true. Btw, only Chevron

    50. Dan SIVA

      He actually drove through that red light for us damn bro!

    51. Dicus

      UHHHH was that actually a red light? 1:35 that light is green to your left

    52. Patrick Ostry

      It actually was a red light if you notice the green light on the opposite streetlight 😂 1:33

    53. Daniel villa Villa

      this is my dad all the way he got us like 5 miles n E like idk how and like he can put like 5 dollars in and get us an extra like 15 idk how he does it

    54. ALX 8721

      Yeah but when that light comes on, you actually have more mailer than you think. True story.

    55. Daniel Windsor Harman

      California gas be like

    56. Chethan Kodenkiri

      My dad every time

    57. Nolen Per

      Still killing the game. You corporate.

    58. billwip


    59. Mason Hilliard

      Me in high-school

    60. Ethan Scott

      Should’ve been a Mountain Dew waifu body pillow

    61. SirPerfectful


    62. Hayden Carter

      This was always me used to put $10 in at a time, gotta do what u gotta do

    63. MJA2004

      Man has a $2 gas budget but drives a bmw

    64. Dagan Perretti

      This isnt the energy we need...right the energy we need is gas. Loool

    65. Rae

      222 555

    66. RocketNinja

      Day 1 of asking Trevor to do, “People who claim that they were born in the wrong generation”

    67. Christine Schnitzka

      Yup...that GPS and face mask will significantly help

    68. Christine Schnitzka

      I was just gonna swim laps later...🤣

    69. Niverson Lawn Care

      No cop No stop

    70. Mike Peskar-Murphy

      I drove 5 miles once when it said 0 miles.

    71. DELEEE23

      1:34 lol he actually ran a red light it was already green going the other way

    72. Carputing

      "It's electric" "No this, it's gas" I exhaled so quickly, Trevor Wallace, you're a legend, mate!

    73. Spittin Facts

      Yk what I’m not out of.. FAITH😭😭⭐️

    74. Subaru WRX

      quick tip to that idiot u get better mileage with windows up

    75. Aydden Christle

      bruh literally ran a red light for the vid lmaooooo

    76. Omkar Shah

      Random *"BMW drivers are assholes"* comment.

    77. Tyler Sullivan

      So you're telling me it's 4 dollars a gallon

    78. Chris

      Just completely screw that fuel pump right? lmao

    79. PaineintheBurke

      This is the shit my brother does that makes me nervous.

    80. any wallsocket

      'u mind air dropping some data??' lmao that's brilliant

    81. Tom Rath

      I wanna see a collaboration with Cody Ko, Noel, Trevor

    82. Fantasy Realm

      "There's a gas station" "But it's kinda expensive" Drives a BMW

    83. Živa Culiberg

      I think he just made this to show off his car.

    84. Jono Holme

      I feel personally attacked

    85. 3T3RNAL SOUL

      Too many 3's 🧐💁👑

    86. Justin Coan

      This is literally my dad. I grew up running out of gas and then when he did get gas he usually drove off with the pump in the tank. I think I have PTSD from that kind of stuff!

    87. Stephen Casias

      Most of all don't forget to shit.

    88. Stephen Casias

      When ever I catch a ride from a friend, I always peek at the gauge, if it's near "E" I have pull in to a gas station, put in $20.00, check oil while at it. Quart low. Everytime.

    89. Stephen Casias

      Driving a car on empty can and does burn out the fuel pump. Driving around town, no more than a 1/2 tank, a full tank can add up to an extra 100 lbs.

    90. Jessica Downey

      “ This thing would never do that to me.”

    91. Brad Goon

      Watching thus s as my gas light comes on....

    92. Gotha

      what beemer is that?

    93. Kushal Gowda

      Trevor: *has a mountain dew body pillow* Kyle: i see your a man of culture as well

    94. Trisha Goddard

      “Kids if you get hit, blame Carrie Underwood, okay? Cause Jesus is taking the wheel” 😂💀 I’m lying in bed, sick af with Covid and that was the first time I’ve laughed in a few days. Thank you Trevor😂💕

    95. sirius black7

      I have to admit I was this guy in my early 20s

    96. Qloqmanin

      People under biden admin be like:

    97. guyspoopy

      "No cop, No stop" Smartest line I've heard

    98. Summer Holt

      The classic “turn the a/c off and roll down all the windows 🤣🤣🤣

    99. Nugget

      I was filling my tank to the top and then i quit my job, i didn't have a lot of money for couple of months and i was driving like this - begging the car doesn't run out of diesel. When it did and when i changed a gas pump for 300 bucks i turned back to filling the gas tank to the top every single time the car has half a tank of diesel. :D :D :D There was a saying a colleague of mine used to say. "I cannot afford to be cheap, i'm not that rich"

    100. berethor7

      Do one for bus driver lol